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Lithuanian 1.0 translation for Php-Fusion v7.02

UTF-8. This means, that I'd recommend you just after installing Php-Fusion v7.02 on your server, update the maincore.php dbconnect() function with this one:

[syntaxhighlighter brush=php,first-line=1,highlight=0,collapse=false,html-script=false]// UTF-8 Supporting dbconnect edited by ozzWANTED @ PhpFusion-Lt.com
function dbconnect($db_host, $db_user, $db_pass, $db_name, $charset="utf8"wink {
global $db_connect; $db_connect = @mysql_connect($db_host, $db_user, $db_pass);
$db_select = @mysql_select_db($db_name);
if (!$db_connect) {
die("<strong>Unable to establish connection to MySQL</strong><br />".mysql_errno()." : ".mysql_error());
} elseif (!$db_select) {
die("<strong>Unable to select MySQL database</strong><br />".mysql_errno()." : ".mysql_error());
if (!function_exists('mysql_set_charset'wink) {
mysql_query("SET NAMES $charset"wink;
} else {
} [/syntaxhighlighter]

That's will solve the problems with Mysql (mysql default charset should be 'utf8', and collate should be 'utf8_lithuanian_ci'wink. So you can read, understand & edit the Lithuanian chars via PhpMyAdmin the same as you do in the web site. Also do this if you don't want messy DB backups.

You can ALLWAYS DOWNLOAD, THE NEWEST version of Php-Fusion v7.02 LITHUANIAN locale using this link:
ozzWANTEDLT attached the following file:
lithuanian-702-v11.rar [89.23kB / 372 Downloads]
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