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Show "main" category in forum_threads_list_panel ?

Im trying to get the forum_threads_list_panel to show the "main" category.

Hmm, hard to axplain... This post Im writing now - it belongs under the "main" category-name: "General Addon and Modification Support".

But the forum_threads_list_panel is showing the category: "Panels and Infusions" - which is under the category "General Addon and Modification Support". But I want it to show the "main" category = General Addon and Modification Support.

I thought that this would be quite an easy job - but it ain't for me.

It's the standart non-moddet forum_threads_list_panel from V7.01.05

I've tried to insert: AND forum_cat='0' (in the WHERE in the queries) - and I also tried with: AND forum_description=''

Any help would be very appriciated.

Edit: Now I finally find the solution - which actually WAS quite easy:
$result2 = dbquery(
   "SELECT f.*, f2.forum_name AS forum_cat_name FROM ".DB_FORUMS." f
   LEFT JOIN ".DB_FORUMS." f2 ON f.forum_cat=f2.forum_id
   WHERE f.forum_id='".$data['forum_id']."'"

$data2 = dbarray($result2);

- and then change from:

- to:

Wow, I was just about to post a solution for you. :P


Hehe, ironic yes. :)

Well, thank you - but what about your solution - is that better to use, or ?
Actually, harder in my opinion.


$result = dbquery(
"SELECT g.*, gg.*, u.user_name, u.user_id FROM ".DB_THREADS." g
ON g.forum_id=gg.forum_id
WHERE g.thread_lastuser=u.user_id
ORDER BY g.thread_lastpost DESC LIMIT 10"

Live Demo: http://www.phpfusionmods.com/forum/
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