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Problem with cyrillic translation

Hi. I'm from Bulgaria and I'm translating english locale into bulgarian. But I have this problem. When I install php-fusion .. he was in english and my admin panel was in english. Now when I translate the admin panel ... the links are still in english. I try to edit them by phpmyadmin, but when I translate some of the admin panel link by phpmyadmin ... the link became something like ????? ... and now I must install new php-fusion with bulgarian locale ... cause I don't see another wayt .. to have bulgarian admin panel.

Does anybody know haw to fix this ... so I would not have to install php-fusion again?

p.s. I'm talkig about main site link in admin panel.

PHP-Fusion is not he or she :P

Try opening your locale/Your_Locale/global.php and do setting for :

$locale['charset'] = "iso-8859-1";
$locale['xml_lang'] = "en";

Set the setting as :

$locale['charset'] = "UTF-8";
$locale['xml_lang'] = "bg-BG";

and see what happens !
// Locale Settings
setlocale(LC_TIME, "bg","BG"); // Linux Server (Windows may differ)
$locale['charset'] = "cp1251";

This are my settings in global.php

When I put UTF-8 ... all site becomes in rhombus whit ? inside :(
Ensure that, your Locale files should also be in the Encoding of UTF-8 in which the locales are saved.

I've used UTF-8 characters for my website which were not working before I converted all my Locale files to UTf-8 Encoded !

Have you done both the settings ?

$locale['charset'] = "UTF-8";
$locale['xml_lang'] = "bg-BG";

Done. I've change encoding of all my locale files to UTF-8. Now ... how to translate admin panel main links from english to bulgarian.

You can edit the locales for admin panel in locale/Your_Locale/admin/ all files here !

The File for the Main Links is locale/Your_Locale/admin/main.php
I've translating those files already, but I've installed my php-fusion in english locale (the setup was in english) and now .. the admin panel links still stay in english although thath i've translate the main.php in bulgarian.
try this:
in Admin panel -> Main settings: switch from Bulgarian to English, and then back to Bulgarian again.
It's work! Thanks very much :)
I'm pleased to hear this old trick still work m8 :)
I have another question. Why I have to use UTF-8 encoding for cyrillic? I saw that english locales are in ANSI? Now ... when I turn on english locale all my menus and text that are on cyrillic become rhomboids with a question mark in them.

Am I suppose to using UTF-8 for encoding?

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