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[ADDON] Admin Log 0.80


I thought it would be a nice addition to the PHP-Fusion CMS to have an administration log system. Basically what it does is logs all the actions from within the administration panel and puts them in the log database.

So basically, if you add/delete an article it gets logged, or if you or one of your administrators suspends/deletes a member it gets logged as well.

It currently works with the entire administration system and logs actions accordingly.

Currently works for:
  1. Article Categories
  2. Articles
  3. Custom Pages
  4. Download Categories
  6. FAQs
  7. Forums
  8. Images
  9. News
  10. News Categories
  11. Photo Albums
  12. Polls
  13. Web Link Categories
  14. Web Links
  15. Administrators
  16. Submissions
  17. Members

Note that this addon is currently for testing purposes only and is in alpha stages.

I have a lot more work to put into it and the code is to be changed in the next release to monitor a different area of the core and therefore work a lot better.

As is now it does not log the exact page deleted, so if you delete article 1, it only says article deleted and doesn't explain which one it was. This is a feature I'm working on in the upcoming releases.

Thanks and hope you enjoy.


Download: http://www.phpfusionmods.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=228 (Registration Required)

Download2: Attached File below.

Also, you can test this addon by logging in on my demo site and accessing the "Admin Log" page via infusions in the administration.


P.S. Please don't submit your locales yet if you create any. This addon is subject to change at any time.
NetriX attached the following file:
admin_log.zip [23.56kB / 624 Downloads]
Hi Netrix,

Good work man but can you please attach the files here as I can not access your site? I am having lots of problems with my internet today.


Also, updated the "Demo" account for testing purposes.

This infusion can be tested live at my demo website using the login at the top of the page.

Access > Administration > Infusions > Admin Log

Thanks I will use this on my site it should come in very handy. Good work by the way.
i think this is option in 7.03


PHPar wrote:

i think this is option in 7.03

The option your referring to only logs forum moderation actions.

This mod was created to monitor all aspects of the website in general.
Thanks Netrix... :) Its a Nice thing to use and to keep an eye on admins and I hope that you will make it much more good :) Good Luck for its improvement... ;)
We will include it, when there is some time left to create it.

Maybe you want to create a version for the core?


gh0st2k wrote:

We will include it, when there is some time left to create it.

Maybe you want to create a version for the core?

I'll create the addon regardless. Whether it gets added to the core is completely up to you. ;)

But most likely it will not meet the core standards. Although I would have a suggestion to edit each file in the administration where there are "dbquery" commands and directly after - or before - run a "dbquery" inserting into the admin log.

It would require editing all administration files, shouldn't be too time consuming.

Although my method is a "quick" hack.
This plugin working at v7.00.07 version? I'm install it but in mod meniu show "No logs archived"
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