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Custom "Submit News" page

Greetings from nSage,
I am working on my first PHP fusion based web-page and lets say my PHP skill's aren't on "elite" level. I come from Latvia, a country located near the Baltic sea, so basically my web-page is also meant to be for local people.
Well, enough about me and lets get straight to the point.

I am creating a gaming community based web-page, the thing that I would like to offer to the people are game reviews, previews, news, videos e.t.c. So lately I managed to work out everything, but I got stuck at editing "submit.php".

Here is my web-page: http://www.nsage.lv
Basically I used one of the default themes and edited a bit (I found it suitable for the things I want to do)

Any way, here is how the "news" section looks like when you press "Lasīt visu" or "Read more"

So you see the "template" of the extended news, I mean the outlook. The thing I would like to make, is place such forms in "Submit News" page. For example, you are a member of the page and you would like to add some news (like normally anyone does) and all you have to do, is fill the form and it all falls into places.

So I used a bit of Photoshop, to show you what I meant...
How it looks now:

How I want to make it:

So basically I want to create such "template" submit page (if you check expanded news, it's basically the same) for my members, so they can fill everything up and just submit it! So the users will manage the content, although I will still need to read it through and accept it before posting to the main page.

Is there any advice where should I start and how hard could this be? If anyone can help me with programming this I would be pleased and also possibly support with some donation...

nSage from Latvia

Merged on Jun 12 2011 at 08:20:04:
Any advises? Already a week has passed and I am still at the same point.
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