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Spammer Attack

I am being attacked my spammers. Every week I got some spam users who floods the shoutbox and comments section. Please help me so that I can control on spammer.

My website is www.elxproject.com
Try changing your captcha to securimage2
its php fusion v7.01.05 and there is no option for secureimage2
The best solution is to upgrade your site.
You can use this site here to set up blacklist on your page http://www.stopforumspam.com
Have you tried using the Stop Forum Spam panel ?

Whatever, But I agree with Philip that it will be much Good if you will Upgrade your Website... as there are lot of security upgrades... :)
You would think that upgrading would be the best idea, but yet here this site is getting spammed everyday...
Not all spam is caused by bots. A significant percentage of it is caused by flesh and blood people and there's nothing you can do about that except turn off registration.
What seems like a lot of spam posts on this site is only a tiny fraction of overall posts, comments, etc. The spammers are attracted to this site because of our high traffic numbers. Most small to medium sites with a good captcha won't suffer the same level.


Ryan Stewart wrote:

You would think that upgrading would be the best idea, but yet here this site is getting spammed everyday...

Yes upgrading is the best idea, and i had tried to upgrade it but i got some serious problems so restored back to ver 7.01.05. My site is gaining high traffic in recent days and i think this is the main reason that I am getting spam attack...
I want a reliable solution so that i don't need to give more time on deleting and banning the spammers...
i am installed last version of php-fusion and report many spammers try to register and activate accounts

i am activate Recaptcha but no stop spammers.
Try Securimage2 that will drastically cut down spam.

[Thread moved to Security Issues & Announcements Forum Board]
It's beginning to look like reCaptcha is a bit of a disappointment at stopping bots. I say this from personal experience on my own site. I was getting 5 or 6 spam posts a day last week and as soon as I changed to securimage2 it stopped.
I agree with you there Philip when I first installed V7.02 on my site I used recaptcha then about 10 mins later I got about 3 or 4 Spam registered users. I then switched to Securimage2 and this stopped that instantly.

See RECaptcha used to be good when it was independent as soon as Google took it over it has went way down hill.
i will try and send results


but here cannot find plug in and worked
reCAPTCHA sucks now, like any another type of CAPTCHA.

STOP FORUM SPAM - can be real solution, and something like Akismet.
KittenAuth looks promising. Unfortunately, it is only available for PHPBB at the moment and its unclear as to what licence it is available under.
recaptcha is not functioning well, i upgraded to 7.02.03, still got lots of spammed users and i am manually deleting those all. I will check it using secureimage 2 lets see what will happen.
Securimage 2 will not completely eradicate the problem, it will however help a great deal.
I have found from using ReCaptcha it is just not as good as it once was, seems a lot of bots have cracked it. Securimage1 is also good but I still say go for Securimage 2 as it's the up to date version.
You can also play around with changing fonts colours etc in the securimage file. It's just about seeing what works for your site.
If you need more help let me know.
how do i change the font color.
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