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Captcha information

Please vote in the poll as to which captcha you are using.

v7.01 and higher Sites only, please.
FYI: You can only choose your captcha in 7.02.xx, in 7.01.xx it's securimage as default.
True, but there have been mods around for a while to allow users to use reCaptcha prior to v7.02
I just always used securimage now sine 7.02 I use Securimage2 since RECaptcha has went way down hill.
Recaptcha in the newest version, I was wondering why the option apears in the admin- site I could not see any way to use it, until I look at it on my stationary with IE9 (laptop IE8) yet another thing not working in a common used browser version, just to let all know B)

Uuhhmm. Could someone please tell me, where to change captcha, cause I'm actually having a hard time figuring out how to change it, and want to change it to old secuimage version, as my users are having dificult with the new images.

Please help me.

In version [ 7.02.xx or later ]

Or includes/captchas you could change things a bit.
Well, that's my problem. Found out that the security icon is missing, and properly other stuff to, other than that everything works fine, and it uses securimage2.

But, something is not right, I have now tried upgrading from 7.01.06 to 7.02.05 and this happens every time, I have followed everything as guided.

I have even tried making a raw installation, which is were i discovered that I am missing icons.

Don't know what I am doing wrong, I get no errors when using upgrade.php, and I also remember to copy locals to root folder, and setting correct permissions. Still no dice. So I guess I'll have to miss this upgrade, as I have no idea what I am doing wrong.
Just a friendly reminder,You should always upgrade along side as we introduce,make available upgrades.That's for sure away to stray away from errors while upgrading,If you need more assistance go ahead and PM I will be available after 10 PM US Eastern time.Would be more then happy to give you some additional support.
Thank you for you help, but my site is off small scale, so I am building it on the new PHP-fusion version exporting and importing text.

However, I am checkin that everything is in order before I start importing data from old site, and I am experiencing some strange errors regarding sending mails. I have made a post on it here:

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Poll: Which captcha do you use?

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