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Sorry I actually forgot al about this, anyway good news I have got a working copy of SS Feeds Panel by SiteMaster this is the exact copy I use on my own site.

Craig attached the following file:
ss_feeds_panel_1.zip [186.63kB / 656 Downloads]
I thought having the feeds panel would be a smashing idea, so I tried it locally.
But I've got this error in return

[syntaxhighlighter brush=php,first-line=1,highlight=0,collapse=false,html-script=false]Table 'myphpfusion.xxxx98977_ss_feeds' doesn't exist[/syntaxhighlighter]

It seems to also automatically create and enable its own panel after infusion. Perhaps it was supposed to create its table too like all the other infusions I've got.
I wonder what might be the problem.

Any knowledge Frangree_Craig?

Try changing TYPE=MyISAM; to ENGINE=MyISAM; in infusion.php line 50.
I went and did that, but the effect is unchanged.
Same error!
Did you defuse the infusion, change the line and infuse it back again ?
Cheers, JoiNNN!
It worked. I would like to know the cause but, that's another matter.
I have often stayed away from feeds, but now I reckon I have to figure
out what all that bare xml is good for.

Thanks again!
Hi Guys
I am trying to feed a word press blog into my website http://www.clickonsthelenaisland.com will this ssfeed panel do this for me i am not a good coder so there for i am looking for a simple solution to feed my blog to my website.

If this panel is nt what i need can any one help me with feeding my blog into my website.
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