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Avatars.gif upload black background

PHP-Fusion Version: 7.02.03
Link: http://www.fangree.co.uk

Issue: When users upload avatars.gif they have black backgrounds when uploaded.
Example: http://www.fangree.co.uk/profile.php?lookup=424

How can we fix that please?

Interestingly, in their need to verify...
also my site show black backgrounds :|
This avatar shows black background when uploded...

aslso this site show black backgrounds
very very thanks
0 : 1
Jikaka Thanks man. Good work. :D
I am still confused :( about the thing that why we cannot have GIF file as Avatar...

Confused Because II am able to Upload this GIF in Forum Attachments... Why can't we have like that ? :|
Hi Guys!! Could you help me?

I have the same problem as behrooz but in my website is exactly the opposite!!!!!

When i try to load PNG images the background of those magically becames BLACK. I don't know how to edit the php code in order to fix this problem!


Original: http://www.ftfansub.net/cutenews/data/upimages/avatar/Hakkun.png
Loaded as Avatar: http://www.ftfansub.net/images/avatar...kun[1].png


Thank you in advance for anyone who can help me!
I didn't look in PHP-Fusion files how it's working, but if it's using GD library, you can use
imagealphablending($image, false);
imagesavealpha($image, true);

to set transparent background to image. Without these lines, PHP return image with background.
Thank you ^^
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