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Not able to access admin panel, redirecting to news.php

Not sure if this was asked before but I seem to be having a problem with the admin panel. Each time I try to access the admin panel it redirect me back to the news.php for some reason. Any ideas? Thank You.
which version?
What to do before this?
rules files?
installed anything?
transferred to the host?
If I am not wrong it is version 7.02.02
What do you mean by what to do before this?
Haven't install anything new onto phpfusion
Nope I have been using the same host.

For some reason all other links work except the admin panel. Seem to keep redirecting me back to news.php. It works before but suddenlly....

weird thing is each time when I get redirected back to news.php. It will show from 1 member online to 2 member online and it keeps increasing with every redirect. It sdisplay my username being online more than once (eg. "Members online: 2 admin admin")
Did you tried site/login.php ?
I have no problem accessing login.php. I still cannot access the admin panel.
Sorry for the late reply. Its www.alphaextreme.com . The weird part is I seek help from my host and they say they have no problem accessing the admin panel. Only when I try using proxy would I be able to access the admin panel. I guess the problem is at my end but it was working few weeks ago and suddenly it just stop. Any ideas?
Go to your database administration (e.g. phpmyadmin), open the table fusionXXXXX_settings, edit the setting with the name site_host, change the value to

, edit site_path change it to /

Then clear your cookies, now everything should be fine.
Thank you for your reply. Its the same value and I already tried still not working. Any other way to fix it?

Merged on Jul 05 2011 at 11:04:01:

Merged on Jul 05 2011 at 13:12:26:
Any ideas. Please help. :D
Stop bumping the thread I recommend you read the Code of Conduct before you get in trouble.

So your site path reads /

And you cleared your cookies?
I am sorry. I didn't mean to break the rules. I will be sure to keep that in mind in the future. Yes I did clear my cookies and my site path reads "/".

Merged on Jul 05 2011 at 13:35:00:
using the forget password?
You bumped the thread again! Stop it.

Check the following is correct...

Site Protocol: http
Site Host: www.alphaextreme.com
Site Path: /
Preview: http://www.alphaextreme.com
I checked and all the values seem to be the same except I can't find the preview column
Please send me a private message with login details I will try test?
sure hold on

Edit: Sent
Well it works fine for me I am in the Admin area of your site.

Looks like you no cleared your cookies and restarted browser.
I tried clearing many times already and the weird thing is it was working a few weeks ago until it suddenly start having problems. I will try it again.
Yes well the problem is your cookies I can assure you that. If it was something else then I would not be able to access the admin either.
I cleared everything my entire history, cache, cookies, everything but it seem it still does not work. The weird thing is before it redirect me to the news.php after logging in is this : http://www.alphaextreme.com/login.php?error=1&redirect=%2Fnews.php
Try another browser.

Are your trying with the same account details you sent to me?
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