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Facebook Comments Panel

www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/marketplace/uploads/image/968.jpgThis is an alternative to the built-in comments system. It allows Facebook users to leave comments on your site in News, Articles, Photos, Downloads and Custom Pages.

This is a completely standalone system that does not require any core file modification

see readme for installation and configuration.

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Good Work philip... :)

This looks Nice :)
Filially someone done this.

Well done Philip.

This should IMO be popular. :)
Bug in v1.0 . Now fixed in download

v1.4 - Fixed (another) download id error, cleaned up URL identification, added page title to tweets. Fixed Like not showing in IE bug.
v1.3 - Validated G+1 code
v1.2 - Fixed download ID error
v1.1 - Added Tweet, Like and Google+ buttons

Fix: Overwrite comment_include_panel.php
Thank you Philip,very nice..But i have a problem..What is this mean?

Warning: http://www.site.com/news.php?readmore=4 is unreachable.
That is a generic warning you'll get if you're testing the panel on a offline site on your comp. It can also be generated as it takes a while for your App ID to propagate the FB servers.
Nicely done B)
But does this also allow comments for registered people who don't want to post from facebook? I mean, can people decide to post from facebook or normal coment?
Just Facebook. :)
Yes, the built in comments system is unaffected. You have the choice of using either or both.
The Like button doesn't work in IE. To fix it just add this to comment_include_panel.php

add_to_head("<html xmlns='http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml' xmlns:fb='http://www.facebook.com/2008/fbml'>");

Version 1.4 containing this fix and other updates will be submitted to the db soon.
I get this error on my site:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_to_footer() in /home/www/single-forum.dk/infusions/comment_include_panel/comment_include_panel.php on line 38

Any help on this problem?
The add_to_footer function was added to the core in v7.02. You are obviously still using v7.01 or earlier.

Try using add_to_head - it should still work ok
Hey and thanks for the quick reply :-)

It helpt me so the site dosent report an error but the facebook button dosent show???

The site i am using it on is : www.single-forum.dk
The site is running in V. 7.01.05 and the readme file tels me that it is made for that???

But so far I say thanks for a quick reply :)
Not sure why it's not displaying, it's there in the source code. There's something conflicting with it. It could be one of the various scripts you have running. try disabling them one at a time and see if it makes a difference.

Also, try a different your theme and see does that fix it.
I created an app called comments, I entered my user id and app id but no comments show up in the facebook moderation comments page???


I see nothing.....

add_to_head("<meta property='fb:admins' content='100xx1x9xx832x9'/>\n<meta property='fb:app_id' content='x37xx5x32x76x38'>");

Philip, Please can you give me more details how to moderate comments etc, I have entered the information my user id and app id but I still can manage comments. I checked that page link above it says I have no comments so I guess its not working.

Please help me?
At the Facebook Developers page for Errors that must be fixed, I'm showing:

Missing Required Property: The og:url property is required, but not present.
Missing Required Property: The og:type property is required, but not present.
Missing Required Property: The og:title property is required, but not present.

Any idea?
Also, the "Like" button posts directly to Facebook without choosing a thumbnail.

What is the easiest way to remove this button and continue using the Share This button already present on the page?

eta: OK, after having a friend test some things, I see that the thumbnail issue is a problem with the whole infusion. It takes the first available thumb from the page and uses it.

With the Share This mod, there is a option to choose thumbnails before posting. Can this be changed with the Comments mod, or at least disable the thumbnail completely?
Nicely done!

Is it possible to change the colour of the comment text? At the moment it's black text, but I have a dark blue background, so it's kind of hard to read the text. Can the text colour be changed? Or is it possible to change the colour of the background of the Facebook comment area (maybe in a DIV Class or something)?

UPDATE: Never mind, I worked it out on my own. Just altered the "tbl" class settings in the various DIVs.
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