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BF3 & MW3 theme available

there is a demo?
Mhmm very nice.. Good themes!

I thought this thread was about the real games. I was like, yeah I can't wait for Battlefield 3 to come out. I have them both pre-ordered. LOL

And just as a suggestion. Maybe you should change the name?

I mean the themes are virtually the same and all, except the background images (which will more than likely be changed by the end-user)

Maybe change the names to multi-gaming or something similar.
where you can download?
The theme BF3 and MW3 have been added to the downloads.

Release notes BF3 Link.

Release notes MW3 Link.

Demo Link .




Mangee wrote:

The theme BF3 and MW3 have been added to the downloads.

Congratulations Mangee... :D You have really made Fantastic Themes man... appreciated... www.fangree.co.uk/images/smiley/smiley026.gif
Thanks for the kind words.

As NetriX mentioned most people will change to suit there needs.

The css is coded so background and game name can be easily deleted.
Can you make a Counter strike source theme to?? :=)
Using one of these themes as the bases ????

Or are you asking for a brand new theme ????
Using one of them as base. :)
God danm thats nice. Wtf you are good.

When can i download it.?
Good question. Mangee???
Good work. But do we have to wait for download?
"An administrator will activate your account shortly." said your site.

Uygar Ozan
is there a download link for these 2 themes anywhere?
One can download the design somewhere? Or for what you can buy? Thank you.
Has there been any update as to a download for this theme, would be really interested in one. :D
Where to get this MW3 Theme ?
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