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Share This V4.02 Released

Share This V4.02

Share This V4.02 has been released.
Share This is the ultimate Content sharing infusion for PHP-Fusion.
Share This Allow users to share PHP-Fusion Site content.

  • Share all you sites content Articles, custom pages, Forum Threads, News, & Photos, profiles and downloads.
  • Share the URL, BBcode & HTML links.
  • Share site content with friends on Facebook with the Facebook Like button.
  • Social bookmarking and sharing buttons to make it easy for visitors to bookmark and share content to their favourite social destinations.
  • Fully Manageable Admin area. ( Enable/disable Share This for all sections, Enable/disable Social Bookmarking and Enable/Disable and style settings for Facebook Like Button).
  • No editing or modifying PHP-Fusion Core needed. replace_in_output panel used.
  • Option to display Google Ads link units.

Fixed undefined variables for facebook like button, In infusion.php changed TYPE=MyISAM;"; to ENGINE=MyISAM;";, Added option to use Google Ads link units with Social Sharing.

* Registration Required
Craig attached the following file:
share_this_preview.png [119.57kB / 81 Downloads]
why not loaded in AddonDB?
Does it matter where it is loaded?
In principle there is no!


This program is released as free software under the
Affero GPL license. You can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of AGPL v3.

What principle?
I do not understand your point here?
Please explain to me why I should submit this to the ADDONS DB? :S

I always submit my work to the Addons DB as you know and if I choose not to I can also. ;)

The code is publicly available as required under the terms of the AGPL v3 so what's the problem?

Does AGPL v3 sate I must submit to php-fusion Addons DB? LOL I never read that section in the AGPL v3. :P
@Craig, all good!
I just asked...
LOL I am just joking with you Jikaka man all is good. :P

It will be submitted to the Addons DB as soon as its guaranteed to be bug free. ;)
v4.01 released fixed share this post by Ankur.


Merged on Aug 14 2011 at 12:08:15:
v4.02 Released - See post #1 for download and changelog.
Hi when I turn off the side panels, this is no longer share this.

If I do this then a center panel, this error comes on all the pages.

Notice: Undefined index: site_protocol in /homepages/42/d231269887/htdocs/HeavyMetal/infusions/share_this_panel/share_this_panel.php on line 164

what can I do to make it work?
Hi there,

Are you using PHP-Fusion V7.02.0x ?
No i use v7.01.06

how can i make it with this version ?
You need to use below Version 4 for 7.01. ;)

I have attached an old version for you that works in 7.01 but please remember this version requires you to add code to core files. ;)

Share This v3.05 Attached.
Craig attached the following file:
share_this.zip [77.92kB / 455 Downloads]
Version 5 doesn't work for me, don't know why. It looks like it couldn't see locale file. Any ideas?
I use php-fusion v. 7.02.04, so it should work.
Yeah upload all the files again including the NEW locale files included in the latest version.
And the secret revealed - I uploaded the files with option "change filenames to lowercase" ;) thanks for great infusion!
Your welcome my mate!! :)
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