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Need help with error - The following error has occured: Download file or url cannot be left empty.

I had some questions regarding this error. I keep getting

The following error has occured:
Download file or url cannot be left empty.

when trying to load certain file types or sizes - not sure which. It never happens when I upload the file via URL, only when I browse to the file on my desktop. I have added certain file types that were not present in downloads admin settings, and have also changed max file size back and forth, but all my attempted file uploads were well below the max file size, less than 5mb.

I was also wondering if it makes a security difference with either of these upload methods to the Downloads section. I am using this for a document repository, and I don't want anyone other than registered members to have access to the files in my download folder. If CHmod settings are supposed to be 777, then the public would be able to type in a URL and access them, which I don't want.

Any ideas on my issue? I don't think it has anything to do with my CH mod settings since I can upload small files. Thanks for your advice.
I have same problem, please tell me how to solve it.
Can you try on a zip or rar?
Yes, both RAR and Zip file cannot upload.

Merged on Mar 29 2017 at 02:20:21:
Someone please help me.
What type of file are you trying with, size? especially. does a smaller file work?
yes, smaller file can be uploaded. file uploadable size is set to 1GB, but about 16MB cannot be upload.
You are limited by your host or your PHP ini settings. Best action is to turn to your host and ask for assistance since it is a server / hosting issue.
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