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Will Not Stay Logged In

I just upgraded from 7.01.05 to 7.02.03. Everything went smoothly as expected. However, now the site will not keep me logged in. I searched the forum here first looking for similar issues, but couldn't find anything.

I already tried clearing my browser cache and cookies thinking perhaps there was a cookie issue after the upgrade. I have tried using Chrome and IE9 and both are displaying the same issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

You did not search very hard did you?

Here is some threads I have found in less than 60 seconds. lol All regarding the exact same issue.

I'm not proud, I'll take it!

I searched "will not stay logged in" and got a ton of results (without the quotes). I know the protocol, so I did search first, I promise! :)

I'll post with the answer if one of these works out to be the solution.

No problem, I know the forums are a bit confusing to navigate.

Anyway go in php my admin and look in the settings table show me what you have for site host and site path.
I had to change the site_host in the _settings table to match my URL.

I have a beta subdomain I performed the upgrade in first, then copied over to my regular domain. It had the subdomain in the site_host. Once I change it from the subdomain to www things started working properly.

Thanks for the guidance!
So is it resolved now?
You can login ok and everything now?


Fangree_Craig wrote:

So is it resolved now?
You can login ok and everything now?

Yep...all good.
Great!! ;)
You have to set the height yourself !
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