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SEO Friend

when will infusion for v7.02?
still have to wait long?!
Hi,it`s my 1st time posting here and i have a question about a weird thing:

I`m running PF v7.02.04 + Fusion Board + Seo4all and Seo4all it works for all the categories perfect except Forums. When i click on navigation on "Forum" all the buttons of the navigation get wrong addresses except the ones generated by infusions like User`s Voice. when i say wrong addresses i meen like it tryes to do them seo style but wrong address eg: After i hit "Forum" when Seo4All is enabled then try to hit Weblinks the addres of Weblinks becames http://howtos/forum/weblinks.php (or /forum_weblinks.php) instand of http://howtos/weblinks.php or if i hit Forum again is gets forum/forum .

I asked the author about that and talled me to use a base url statement (<base href) wich i did and i added as base url howtos.tk ..now the Navigation works perfect but the forum categories and threads address is wrong ..misses /forum/ in the middle.
Does annyone have an ideea how to fix this?
I'm joining to the question of jikaka about version for 7.02. :)
Everything's done. Excellent addon! :)
Tested on v7.02.03.

Note: the matter was in the entering of page place ('Page:' ). There should be slash first. For example:
Page: /news.php
And everything works!
Little confused on how to use. An example of how i should set up my pages.
Read the README.

How to integrate FusionTube V1.05 ?
How do I get this to work.
The Panel is installed and activate, now what.
Is is possible to add keys also to every single article in the site? I tried and don't work, they just follow the keys used in the /article page.
How exactly does the SEO friend infusion work, I want to add mete descriptions and key words to individual pages.

I have installed the infusion and activated the panel on all pages.

In the infusions admin ---> SEO Friend ---> Add page information

I have added a few pages by entering the URL of the disired page, entered my keyword etc and clicked save.

However when i go to view the page source or page info in my browser, it is not showing and keywords or description.

maybe i have setup the infusion incorrectly? or possibly i just need to add the page name and not the whole URL???

Really would like to get this infusion working, if someone can help.
This infusion work great on pages but there is a way for make it work for articles too?
I tried to add an article page in the unfusion but it still continue to have the same name and key of the main /articles page.

The auto generation doesn't works on pages too.
How can I exclude forum section from seo friend while it is active?
Or is it possible to this?

I want fusion generates the forum title meta tags by itself. Not Seofriend.
My titles, descriptions and keywords are only dynamic when logged into the site as admin. Guests/spiders see old, static titles, descriptions and keywords. Can you help me fix it?
Hello there is a problem php-fusion 7.02.07

Table 'islamiye_fusi105.fus_seo_friend' doesn't exist
Try this : https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=31997


Try this : https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=31997
- by Domi

Thank you Domi :)


Allah&#39;t&#305;r. O&#39;nun ve O&#39;nun

<meta name='description' content='Müslümanlar için helâl ya da haram s&#305;n&#305;r&#305;n&#305; koyan Allah&#39;t&#305;r. O&#39;nun ve O&#39;nun emriyle elçisinin helâl dedi&#287;i helâl, haram dedi&#287;i de haramd&#305;r. Çünkü helâl, ya d...' />

How do I fix error has character ?
I am not sure I understand how this works and will this work on custom pages I've added without using the Custom Pages feature inside PHP-Fusion?

In the Page box, do I put the name of the page or the URL to the page? This could be an awesome infusion if I could just figure it out.
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