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[ADDON] Facebook Login/Register System

Hi NetriX,
After the recommended settings It seems to be works ok, but after sometime arose a problem with auto login. Need to press a few time the button to login with connection. Older v2.2.4 working in my Fusion v7.02.06. What wrong in the new v2.3.4 ? Thank's!
Do you have these issues while using the Facebook login via PHP-Fusion.us?

Also, it appears from your website http://troyanovo.comyr.com/infusions/connect/ that changes have been made. It's very possible that these changes could have added some sort of overhead that causing problems.

Other than that, Facebook can be having issues from time to time, it does happen.



Do you have these issues while using the Facebook login via PHP-Fusion.us?

On PHP-Fusion.us auto login with FB connect is OK. Just now tried the new v2.3.4 on my site and auto Login is working fine, as opposed to the older v2.2.4, that is a rather time not correctly login. You are seem to be right, bug on the site itself occuring with FB App, occasionally.
Regards! Jekov
Well I just tried to install Version 2.3.5 but when i click on "Connect with Facebook" even logged in or as guest i only get a blank Screen and no error. What did I do wrong ?
DJTOMCAT attached the following file:
apppage2.jpg [169.39kB / 42 Downloads]
apppage1.jpg [125.81kB / 45 Downloads]
facebook_admin.jpg [25.63kB / 42 Downloads]
It appears the script ends execution when presented with the following code:

add_to_head('<meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache">
<meta http-equiv="Expires" content="-1">
<meta http-equiv="CACHE-CONTROL" content="NO-CACHE">');

Try editing the /infusions/connect/index.php file and removing the above code. It is located at/around line 63.

Report back!

Best of luck,
hi thanks for making this very useful infusion.

i installed it with no problems but the only thing i have noticed buggy is when i click login with facebook on my site [http://www.1stthepeople.org]

it is doubling up the url i.e. "http://1stthepeople.org/http://1stthepeople.org/viewpage.php?page_id=21"

if i just manually correct the url then it all works for me... any ideas on how i can correct this problem ?
@chrisblackmore did you do a slash at the end of the URL on the Facebook app page ? URL must be look so hxxp://1stthepeople.org/
Hi DJTomcat

thanks for your response...

thankfully I have managed to rectify this issue.

I realised in the admin panel>settings>main page of the site I had set the 'site opening page' incorrectly.. rather than enter "viewpage.php?page_id=21"

I had entered "http://1stthepeople.org/viewpage.php?page_id=21" once I removed the protocol and domain details the issue went away :-)

Please help!

Does not appear in the avatar case of Facebook.

What is the problem?

Profile panel:

and ftp automatic create file:


ftp attributes OK


Version: 2.3.6 © NetriX
Fusion version: 7.02.07

Thank You

Always be prepared for this one file!

All facebook registration.


Server problem?
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