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Download bulletin board for PHP-Fusion-7. Who wants to take part in the development?

Hello, users of PHP-Fusion-7!
I use the bulletin board «Sib-Vveb-Board v2» for PHP-Fusion. Example «Sib-Vveb-Board v2» - see http://vveb.ws/bsearch.php .
«Sib-Vveb-Board v2» is fixed and rewritten «Sib-Board v4» for PHP-Fusion-7.
Board written in Russian and has not yet translated into English. language. Nevertheless, I believe, to understand the functional board possible.
There is to translate locales quite a bit, and it can be done, if they wish.
Now is little translated:
Download Sib-Boards v. 4 (free!!! bulletin board for PHP-Fusion-7)
My bulletin board «Sib-Vveb-Board v2» works fine, but I want more. I would like to have a portal, to do users' blogs or users' photogallery, users' stores based on the bulletin board. And for selling links :D. The engine in my opinion is very promising.
I decided to do this: assemble a team of like-minded people to discuss the plan and start work.
New boards skirpt will be not posted in Public, and will be distributed to those who take part in its development.
Who wants to take partnership?
Is there any non-russian site running this so we can have a peek?
scripts not translated yet. Locales not separated from php :(
If will be international team I can translate locales.
Can you request translation help from our russian friends?
Due to the nature of this infusion it is pretty important to have it properly localized, I suspect many are interested in Forums with enhanced functionality. I know I am. ;)
Do you want to develope board or simple ask?

Yes, in 2009-2010 interest was on russian forums, but now nobody wants something do or answer me.
On all russian I asked... result=0

Our russian forum isn't rusfusion.ru, we often use
php-fusion7.ru since 2008 year !
too bad there isn't anybody who can translate those infusions from php-fusion7.ru... it's a shame...


it's a shame

It means - there is no so much russian users ...
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Poll: Do want to use bulletin board for PHP-Fusion-7?

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