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hey all,

I'm looking for guestbook for version 7.02.xxx

can anyone help me with it?.
However to use it with 7.02 the captcha will need recoded from the old guestbooks. ;)
It has an updated infusion.php inside the download so it works with 7.2.xxx It fully <works. thanks for the reply.
Dont forget to add "http://" and "[url=" to the spam list :)
I run v 7.02.04 and I've tried to install this infusion and I have read "Radme" but after I infuse it and go to admin,
I get this message: Database Update avaible : 4.00 => 4.01,
when i click on this link i get this:
Table 'brevduesport.fusion15586_guestbook_settings' doesn't existTable 'brevduesport.fusion15586_guestbook_settings' doesn't existTable 'brevduesport.fusion15586_guestbook_settings' doesn't existTable 'brevduesport.fusion15586_guestbook_settings' doesn't exist

Can anyone tell me what to do, please?
Open up the file infusion_v7.php - and find 4 places in the code:

- change all four entries of these to:

Then infuse the infusion again.

I believe that should do the trick..
Thank you! That worked! :D

But now I discover another problem, the validation picture doesn't show, how do I fix that?
In Norwegian it's "Valideringskode"
(FYI: instead of guestbook, I've called it found/ missing pigeons, because the idea is that people can report this easily, it's not supposed to be an ordinary guestbook)
whoops, reupload securimage folder from earlier version of PF to the path:


PolarFox wrote:

whoops, reupload securimage folder from earlier version of PF to the path:

I don't quite understand. Were exactly do I find this secure image folder and should I place it in the main includes folder or in guestbook/includes ?
You should copy
from version 7.00.x
Now I feel totally lost.
I've copied the secureimage folder from v7.00.x and put it in includes. But nothing happens?
I've also tried to put the secureimage folder from v7.00.x in infusions/guestbook/includes but that doesn't work either.
But I don't understand, because in includes, there is a folder named captchas, inside this folder I find a recaptcha folder, a secureimage folder and a secureimage2 folder, why dosen't theese work with the guestbook?

Edit: I now notice that in the top of the front page it says:

Table 'brevduesport.fusion15586_guestbook_captcha' doesn't exist
Okay reupload it from latest version instead.
Ok, I kind of figuered it out, I think.
I defused the guestbook, and then infused it again, and then the standard image shows.:)
But the second improved image still doesn't work.
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