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NFS theme "The Run" Released

I am playing around with some effects on a possible theme. Actually a group.

The background has three layers. A jpg for the base, massive size, then a gif for animation then a png for texture.

The test theme is called " The Run ". Demo here http://demo.fusionfusion.net/ , use theme switcher.

A very limited few would use this theme. So please no opinions on css3 gradient color of panels.

My question is what do people think of the animation of flashing lights on the right side. ???

Its not really real looking because you can't or don't want to do the entire background as an animation.

Was also thinking of flickering the cities lights, opinion ????
I cant see any flashing lights on the right side??
I can see them on FF7 and IE9 so its good to know that they don't show up to all.

Could be the positioning.

Any others. ??

I'll keep the theme demo there for a few days before I change it.
Im using Firefox7
Ok ! Good Work :)

But I think that this will not look good for Less Width Resolution Users. I am on 1600 x 900 and I can see those Blinking Lights which are on the head of Police Car.

My suggestion is to somehow put it as a banner, so that all kinda screens will look good with this theme B)

Yellowish doesn't look nice :(
@Ankur I run a 24 inch monitor at 1920.

Looking at my themes you'll notice most are graphical, image based, and have variable width from 1000px to 1200px.

My themes are built for the few who can use them on a large monitor.

The majority who don't have a large monitor will use something like you mentioned.

I have yet received any feedback from an actual theme user who wants me to do a Gillette with a small gamer background.

The gradient is taken from the game logo, yellow to orange.
And the colour scheme is fine, Mangee!
Hmm... OK ! Then it can be fine because those lights are only visible in Wide screen as when you resize the window, it just disappears. B)
The theme "The Run" has been added to the downloads.


Release notes Link .

Membership required to access.

Demo Link , use theme switcher.

The Blue theme will be released as a general NFS theme.
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