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Server change?

I am about to change server and i have announced that i will be doing it but i don't know how to move everything to the new server, i have tried to copy everything + using the backup from the old server but i am still not able to see the old content, can some one please help me with a step after step guide how to do this? if even possible. before i were running on a n1t1 lgnas and now im running on a home build server. running Ubuntu 10.04 (not server edition).


Stewart-G0LGS wrote:

I have recently moved all my sites from my own Ubuntu machine to a hosting service (VM using Debian). I used the following procedure:

1. Changed each site into Maintenance Mode.
2. Backup the Database for each site.
3. Copy all the Files from the old server to the new one (I created a .tar.gz file of the entire structure and copied that to the new host and then extracted it), but you could use 'scp' or 'rsync' etc.
4. Create a MySQL user and table on the new hosting machine (I used the same usernames an passwords as were before in the site config.php file)
5. Load the Database onto the new hosting server.
6. Logged onto the new hosted site and checked all was OK before turning off maintenance mode (see below).
7. Changed my published DNS records to use the new hosted address.

In order to access the site on the new host prior to the updated DNS records being available I simply added lines to my /etc/hosts (Linux) and C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts, closed and restarted my browser (remember to remove them later).
This is what happened when i did just like you told me, "Unable to establish connection to MySQL
1045 : Access denied for user 'www-data'@'localhost' (using password: NO)"
now what should i do?
Hi there,

To me "www-data" looks like a weird username for an sql database, are you sure that is your SQL database username? There in setup you enter the SQL Database info not FTP info.

Just a though.

Good luck.
Make sure that information matches with the info in config.php like Database username and password etc.B)
now i have a new problem, my old server hdd isn't working anymore some how and i will have to manually change the address, but how? Every time i login and press admin panel i get sent back to /maintenance.php.
How do i change this?

Thank you all for helping me this far, would have never made it without you!
My old address was mnet.lgnas.com then i bought a new domain masternet.se and the sub domain address to the specific website is old.masternet.se or masternet.se/old. both goes to the same place but none are working.


Stewart-G0LGS wrote:

When I've had these sort of login problems I fixed them by removing all my Browser Cookies (well all the ones relating to the site) and restarting the browser.

but for me it's not browser related, i have tried to login from several computers with the same issue. So i do wounder what the issue could be. I have changed both server and domain, everything worked local in a couple of minutes ago.


Stewart-G0LGS wrote:

Have you got the correct site host and site path settings configured in the database ?

If you cannot access the site admin panel you may have to edit 'siteurl' directly in your database 'xxxx_settings' table using whatever MySQL tools you have available.

(It might still need you to clear your browser cookies too).

Got it now, the path was configured wrong, i wrote "/old" and the correct was "/old/" Thank you!*

Back with same error again! help needed! configurations is right, browser cache + restart have been done. still same! what now?
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