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Many Themes in Addon DB wrongly packed

When updating my Theme Demos site, I noticed that, several of the themes in the Addon DB is wrongly packed. In most cases, I think it's because of the way Windows 7 is packing the zips, and that is different from how it works on Windows XP:
When you're compressing a file with the build-in zip-program, in Windows 7, it places the items in an extra folder, on top of what you're trying to zip, and that's why, many of the newly added themes are packed wrongly!
Using a basic theme structure as an example, you mark all the files and folders that you want to pack into a single zip-compressed folder.



- and then right-click and point to: 'Send to' and then click on: 'zip-compressed folder' (or something close to that - my PC-system is in danish).
That way you'll get it right, and when you uncompress/unpack the zip, then you'll see the same structure, as the one you packed, like I'm showing you in the example above!

@ Admins - Sloppy Theme Addon approval:
I'm sad to have to play "the school teacher", but this is just not good enough, guys:
I also noticed several other themes packed wrongly, and that had nothing to do with the above mention and understandable mistake, from the submitters side (and which should still not be approved, when it's still wrongly packed).
You Addon approvers must pay more attention to this - some of you may have checked the theme itself, but not the structure of the zip-content before approving it.
Most of you know, that I'm a former Addon approver, so I know what I'm talking about here - and someone had to bring it up, since no one else seems to have noticed this.
Come on, guys, you can do better than this - I'm sure! ;)
Playing devils advocate here:

How "should" it be packed?

Thing is I have seen many ways of packing files, including official core releases but instructions on how to pack is nothing I have ever seen, then again, I have not looked.

IMO the proper way to pack would be to:
- you have a [theme-name] folder, as it works in the PHP-Fusion filesystem
- you select it, add to zip (depending on software used), resulting in [theme-name].zip
- double check when unpacking that it unpacks one folder and its contents and one folder only.
- if there are different versions that may complicate things, but perhaps add the version number to the name of the zip file


For those who lack a fullversion Zip program I can recommend 7zip.
click http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/addondb/submit_addon.php

then select what you want info about from the dropdown box, then you see it :D
Yes I see it. Then I do get why so many are wrong, and I do get some confusion. B)

Obviously I nee to submit more stuff....:P
I'll also suggest, that the illustration, 'Theme Folder Structure', in the Addon Submission Guidelines | Theme (which you can only see, when you're logged in), is changed, so that the folder, called 'mytheme' is a zip-folder symbol, or is pointing to another folder, with an arrow, with such a zip-folder symbol, to avoid mistakes in the future. Just a friendly suggestion! ;)

@Homdax - I wondered why you wrote that, but now I see, that you just misunderstood me a bit! ;)
well, obviously I am expecting too much of basic file management knowledge. :|
@aliyah - I'm talking about getting the structure of the theme addon, inside the zip, wrong, not so much the packing itself! ;)
No problem mate! ;)
Hi Harly,

I have already forwarded this issue to MT many months ago about this wrong folder structures in themes and this was due to the wrong submissions guidelines for themes.

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