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Birthday panel

www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/marketplace/uploads/image/t_1124.jpgPanel show today/tomorow birthdays and nameday. Can change in administration. Missing English name-day. you can add

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If you tested it on v9 it lacks an upgrade for it, that is for v7.
I just tried to install the Panel. It's not installable... nothing works.
Also I copied the Panel into /infusions and so my Sity was showed me only the left panel area.

So I disactivated the Panel. Can anybody help?
Check in the db via phpmyadmin the fusionxxxxx_admin there you might find an old entry for it. Also check the fusionxxxxx_infusions table.
Is there an entry in the error log of Fusion, after the infusion attempt?
The problem is douwe, is I cannot get it to infuse at all. After attempting to infuse it, it's still showing in the infusions list as not infused.
I followed the instructions and changed TYPE=MyISAM to ENGINE=MyISAM and this still will not infuse on 7.02.07


Craig wrote:

infusion.php change...


With this change in my site NOT infusion !!
why don't we use ENGINE everywhere?
I agreed - and besides that we all Devolopers should in the future just use:
".(strnatcmp(mysql_get_server_info(),'4.0.18') >= 0 ? "ENGINE" : "TYPE")."=MyISAM;

- when we write Infusions. Then this problem will not appear.
This solution must be in sticky thread, but with it's own title.
thanks Craig
infusion.php change...

Ya I just installed it, and it won't infuse.
For some reason this won't infuse into my site.

Does it not infuse into the latest version?
That looks nice :)

Thank you for sharing :D
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