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UTF-8 Unicode Support

Installation of PHP-Fusion should use standard UTF-8 Unicode Support. For existing installations a converter should be made available.

This has several advantages:
- No more character troubles if installing non Latin languages.
- Parsing and Publishing feeds gives less trouble with characters
- Easier language switching.
Hi to All!

Yes it is very necessary!
cp1251 almost dead. no cp, no troubles, welcome my loved json
Why utf8 is not installed by default in PHP-FUSION?
I agree - we will move on to UTF-8 soon... ;)


RomanovAS wrote:

Why utf8 is not installed by default in PHP-FUSION?

Even today, PHP doesn't support UTF-8 as it should. The developers need to code various safeguards around user input for security and consistency reasons. If it would've been as easy as working with regular PHP functions it would've been done by now.

I was among those who aggressively promoted the migration to UTF-8 but the more I got into details the more I understood this is a very large step because if we want this done the right way we would have to alter most of the core files, which not only takes time but it could also lead to incompatibilities with many add-ons. I hoped we could pull this off for v7 but the job requires as many developers as possible, so it's rather a job for v8.
Change to fully utf-8 and ASCII support is very easy

New Version for v7.02.06
- Keep Lines in maincore.php
Hungarian character support ISO-8859-15 ???? :o What??? UTF-8 or ISO-8859-2 :)
Use what is stated in the translations global.php , that is what works best.
PHP-Fusion 9 always use UTF.8
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Poll: PHP-Fusion should Support UTF-8 Unicode

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