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RSS for your site - infusion + panel

What is it?
It's a simply RSS feed(s) for all kind of content of typical PHP-Fusion site.
And - yes, fully valid.

For version 7.02 (maybe 7.01?) and later.


This RSS works for:
news, all comments(and thread of comments - it's comments of ONE selected news, just open news and you will see the link to thread of comments in panel + comments for ONE news)
Forum, Articles, Photos , Downloads , Weblinks.

Locales hardcoded... But it's easy to replace.

And more:
Based on the fast and simply rss constructor (see rss/index.php) so you CAN create you own feed easy and fast. Just check the included file-modules.
For enabling new rss file - just add his name (without .php) in this array
$ready_rss = array('news','comments','forum','articles','photogallery','downloads','weblinks','THERE_NEW_FILE');
for disabling - delete
$ready_rss = array('news'); //only news enabled now
You can change default page there (file rss/index.php)
else { $inc_rsspage = $ready_rss[0]; } //zero it's first element of array - means 'news'

Panel settings:
$thisrss_c['silent_mode'] = false;//visible or not
$thisrss_c['rss_smicon'] = '<img src="'.INFUSIONS.'thisrss_panel/feed-icon-12x12.png" alt="RSS" border="0" />';//RSS icon
$thisrss_c['rss_hr'] = '<hr class="side"/>';
$thisrss_c['allow_links'] = array(//allow? these links
'ct'=>true,//comments - cat
'cc'=>true,//comments - branch
'ff'=>true,//forum + forum
'ft'=>true,//forum + thread

Upload all files FROM folder called ROOT (from archive), to your real wwwroot.
Enable the thisrss_panel if needed (it's not necessary, but recommended, example: for comments branches)
Remove rss folder from your root, and remove thisrss_panel from your infusions folder.


Download (NO registration needed!) :
[The link to file]
The main support topic - if DL-link is dead
very nice infusion
good job

Now with new improved panel and full forum support - all threads, forums and "current" thread!

There are settings in the panel file.
Thank you! I'm looking for this!
Very nice..
@ PolarFox: Thanks works great on another site im working on.
AussieFusion, wrong folders?
There are 2 folders: in the fusion-root (rss), and in the infusions (...rss_panel).
I uploaded given files but nothing happend... I want to show rss feeds for forum and news only... How to do that??
After that, you can use your RSS without a panel, or with it.
(test: yoursite.com/rss/ )

If you need this panel, just switch it on.

If you want to disable several feeds from the panel, just set to false several of these panel settings
(check out my first post there http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/forum/vie...ost_166225)
PolarFox, once again you impress me.

Thank you for this.
Nothing is displayed. What should I do now?

Special symbols issue, thought.
But your feed mostly is ok, check with another reader also.
I was able to pull up your feed in http://google.com/reader
I am new to php fusion, so please don't shoot me for silly questions :-)

I am trying to use this rss feed from the first post, but without success. I added the folder 'rss' to my root folder and the one from 'infusions' to 'infusions'.

The RSS-page of my website actually opens (http://worldofchange.tk/rss/# ), but I cannot add it to my own rss-reader (feed reader). I tested the program - news feeds from BBC and Mail RU I can add easily, so it must be my website's fault.

Next, I cannot seem to find any way to "infuse" the rss-panel. I've infused the Rss panel suggested by Craig in some other topic (which failed to let me subscribe either, by the way, so I defused it), so it's not that I am infusing it wrongly.

So, I need help :-( I can see that other comments are very positive about this rss-feed, and I am looking forward to using it. Can anyone please help me?
Right now your RSS feed looks ok.


Next, I cannot seem to find any way to "infuse" the rss-panel
use "Admin->Panels", just make a new panel with this_rss file.
PolarFox, thank you, my RSS-feed does look pretty nice now, but unfortunately it still doesn't work: "FeedReader" won't let me subscribe, and "FeedDemon" does, but won't update. I must admit, I don't usually use RSS - but hey, how RSS-illiterate do you need to be to mess up a simple subscription?

Another question: I successfully made a panel (thank you!), but how do I delete the "downloads" from the possible rss-subscriptions? I tried deleting it from $ready_rss = array('news','comments','forum','articles','photogallery'); (line 87) in root/rss/index.php, but it didn't work. Is it the wrong line or just overly attached cookies?

And one more thing: is it possible to use your RSS-module with the "SiteMaster style feeds panel", provided by Craig in another topic here somewhere, or aren't they supposed to work when ombined? I like the fact that it can "force update"the feed, and I kind of like the green.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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