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Restoring a hacked v6 site - table "VCODE"

Upon restoring a site with 4 subdomainss, all PHP-Fusion v. 6.01.9, I stumbled over a table called vcode.

See screenshot.

The sites are UNMODIFIED in any way (hacked of course but no code changes by me) and I got them up and running again but I am puzzled by this table that seems to have no or little function.

Since this will probably not be dropped upon upgrading to v7 I only request some insight in what it may be and if it is safe to drop, as in safe for the site in question.

Also users should perhaps be made aware of potential "alien" tables in a PHP-Fusion database.
This table is installed by Fusion Setup and belongs to the V6 core. Don't know for what it is used, but i found it in the setup.php from v6.00.110:

$result = dbquery("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS ".$db_prefix."vcode");
   $result = dbquery("CREATE TABLE ".$db_prefix."vcode (
   vcode_datestamp INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
   vcode_1 VARCHAR(5) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
   vcode_2 VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL DEFAULT ''
   ) TYPE=MyISAM;");

That would mean it will eventually be dropped by upgrades. I just can't see what it does. Not a threat, at least.

Thanks Marcus
Looks like captcha table, with a lot of garbage inside.
Of course, that makes sense. Thanks PolarFox! B)
Of course CAPTCHA, ahhh yes I remember!! :)
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