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An interesting coincidence

So I've stubled across a site http://careersinwhite.org/ a year ago that had the same header and footer as the BiFrost theme now it has only the footer though :). I just want to know is this a strange coincidence or they/you've copied some of the design? Not accusing anyone just interested :).
Well, it is hard to say, there are as many site designers as there are sites. Inspiration comes from many places and that site uses a Wordpress theme. Wordpress themes are inspiration for other theme-makers just as some PHP-Fusion theme might be for some other CMS. It is a total chaos if you ask me.

If you look in the code you will see the Wordpress reference.

I have no indication that that theme inspired Bifrost, but I have seen many, many, many similar themes on lots and lots of sites. Its a trend.
Homdax attached the following file:
screenshot6.png [6.7kB / 29 Downloads]
I think that not Bifrost inspired other designs but rather other designs inspired the creator of Bifrost.
But don't get me wrong using inspiration from other designs to build your own is not a bad thing.
This is the template used on that site, and i bet if you look around you will find more designs that have slightly similar footer or design elements.
Thanks for the replies. I understand the inspiration because when I create a theme and for example can't figure out what some of the site structure will look like I go through many templates too to get an idea. It was just interesting for me :).
Im doing this too - when Im stucked a bit, so I take a look on many other sites - just for getting the inspiration back rolling again.

I think it's very normal to do so. :)
well to say the truth, which i always do, most of the themes ive seen here and other places simply sux, way too boring and similar all together. No offense is meant by this at all, just saying my point of view ;) it seems to me that many peeps should try going by their own inspiration instead of looking at other persons work :) ( use your imagination ffs ) . :D


valhalla wrote:... it seems to me that many peeps should try going by their own inspiration instead of looking at other persons work :) ( use your imagination ffs ) . :D

Look at it from another perspective. Say you saw a beautiful Wordpress theme, but Wordpress cannot provide certain function which PHP-Fusion can. You want this theme, and you want PHP-Fusion. But then you see that someone converted the Wordpress theme into a PHP-Fusion theme. Then you have the best of both worlds. Do you understand my point?
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