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Cant delete or edit config.php & index.php

hi.. actually i already have a website using phpfusion 7.01 in my hosting.. but it's already hacked and the hacker was modified some file. hacker was put some code.. i dont know where.. so i create a new one using phpfusion 7.02 in localhost using xampp... after finish.. i want transfer for localhost to my live hosting.. i was delete all the old file and want to replace to the new one in my hosting... but i cant delete or edit a config.php file and index.php file... so i'm stuck here.. i cant upload a new config.php and index.php... and my website cant connect to the data base... so... help me please... i should present this website to my teacher this monday... help me any body... i dont know what to do...

P/s.. i already search in this forum.. but cant file the answer... help me...
I assume you're trying to delete using ftp. If so, check for errors returned to determine if it's a file rights (chmod) issue; change these accordingly before deleting.

Also, change passwords (ftp/sql/admin) before uploading your new site.
i used file manager.. cant delete this file.. hhuhuhuh.. please help me...
Probably a permission problem. Go to the file editor in your hosting panel. Try to delete the files. If this doesn't work try to take ownership of the files with chown and try again.

Or ask your hoster to delete the files.
@amex: If u using cPanel, and if file manager cannot delete files, use Legacy File Manager and its should work, i haved same isse tryng delete files/folder with file manager and styll it not delete after when i use Legacy File Manager to delete theys files, its work. If you not work try use FTP client!
already fix it.. i just let that config.php file in my hosting.. i just create second config file.. hehehe config2.php.. and then change some code in maincore.php.. and its done.. but i cant access my admin panel..
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