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Very API - a new social button

Hi, guys.

Try the new Smart API for PHP-Fusion powered sites and other web pages.
This is a social button named "Very".


With this button members can rate pages of your site.

You can install it on your own site by using the Guideline here.

A few screen shots:
smart-fusion.ru/images/very_example_horizontal.png smart-fusion.ru/images/very_example_vertical.png

I'd like to hear your opinion about this thing. :) Thanks.
Oh man, don't bump it all the time. I think the users can decide by themselves if it is interesting or not.

For me it's not, I'll prefer to safe my information in my db, not in yours, thanks!


Oh man, don't bump it all the time. I think the users can decide by themselves if it is interesting or not.

Sorry, I only edited the first post to fix the typo.


For me it's not, I'll prefer to safe my information in my db, not in yours, thanks!

On the one hand, you're right. But this button doesn't collect the confidential information. We make installation process and usage with API easier for members. And you always don't have to install any updates. Just set up and use.
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It is cool man but I doubt I would use it myself. All in all though it's a good job and a good experiment. ;)
Who are behind this? I doubt it will become very known, but alternatives with focus on PHP-Fusion sites might have some interest


Who are behind this?

This is my own work. It is dedicated for PHP-Fusion audience but you can use this button on another pages too. Without your help and support it would be a poor popular button among fusioneers even.

Fangree_Craig, thanks for reply.
I must admit that any way of linking us together somehow or showing our community strength (and the excellence of PHP-Fusion) is tantalizing, but I am not sure how it may be done. As usual, time and effort is key to accomplish anything like this...

Anyone remember the old Web Ring networks, well maybe something...hmmm


Richard Ainz wrote:

...but I am not sure how it may be done.

Maybe, it looks nice at addons view page...like here.
Why "Very" ? :)

What inspired the name "Very" for this thing? ;)
It does look nice.But like Craig said,I too am wondering how you came up with "Very" as the name??
Good question Craig.
Because with this button you rate the quality content.
When we use "very" as adverb? When we want to emphasize the quality of the object. Very nice, very interesting, very clever...
ah and very thanks. :D :D :D
Thanks for explaining,again your project looks very nice
Well, at least is better than a Geiger meter, I suppose. Considering PHP-Fusion
"Your site has a gazillion bequerel in radiation level, IT IS HOT!"
Statistic of the Smart Very API keys usage from early 2012 till Jan, 2014.

FILON attached the following file:
very_top_jan_2014.png [25.74kB / 36 Downloads]
A couple thoughts here. First, I like this idea, mostly because it is specific to PHP-Fusion. Anything that will generate buzz for this CMS is good. If we start seeing this implemented into other CMS architectures... I will recant my previous statement.

Second, you are correct about adverb usage of very, however you are only depicting half of its true meaning. While it is the positive half, when I come across things that fail to encompasses the whole, I tend to ignore them. The textbook definition of very equals "used for emphasis". The whole would include emphasis in both directions. In my opinion this is too "facebook" in regards to removing the "unlike" or thumbs down feature. Yes I understood their point of trying to create a more positive environment, but in their case they were dealing with 99% opinions about opinions. From what I gather you are trying to do, is use this to rate content, in which case, a more informed decision can NOT be made when only half the opinions about the content is shown.

I like the direction, I do not like the lack of perspective.

Keep up the good work.
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