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New strategy for fusion

Thanks for your efforts,
This is my little effort for developing phpfusion:
Add direction for the page (ltr,rtl).
Change the urls method to be more readable, shorter and like mediafire,s urls.
Change every thing related.
No need for upgrading database.
just the php files only.
here is the version 7.2.5 for test
You will be surprised

best regards,
Could you give some more info as to code changes and such?
I like the rewrite function you implemented!

But urls like this mediafire.com/?ceap5gccdb7xbu1 are not seo friendly
A seo friendly url should look like this: php-fusion.co.uk/forum/new_strategy_for_fusion

But perhaps your rewrite function is ok for that, at first glance I couldn't figure it out.
Thanks Richard
the changes:
rename style.css to style_ltr.css for left to right direction
add style_rtl.css for right to left direction
change every left and right in theme.php to function reverse direction
all pages return to index.php as index.php?pg=faq etc
rename get variables to be unique to be used in index.php only
as index.php?thread=9 instead of forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=9
at the end used rewrite mod to hide index.php from the url to be:
many thanks for your reply

i need your opinions at this development method

Best regards,
I didn't listen any thing about the new strategy

Thanks for every one read the thread and didn't leave comment!!
Thank you for not commenting on my reply.
I am not being rude,But as Richard stated could you be more descriptive & elaborate a little bit more about your project,Like:
Some Code Snippets.etc. etc.
a lot of users here aren't going to take the time and download the files and overwrite them
Your asking for input and not receiving proper input based on a thread that contains little to non informative information.
I am sorry in advance if I'm being to strong,But I probably speak for most of the community when i post this.
Keep in mind,Everything users do in this community is always greatly & widely appreciated and respected.If you could take the time to edit your post with more INFO and make your thread more user friendly I would bet a better outcome will be their awaiting you. ;)

Let me quote you,


No need for upgrading database.
just the php files only.

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