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[PANEL] FP News Accordion Panel V1.00

FP News Accordion Panel V1.00



FP News Accordion Panel uses the jQuery UI Accordion plugin to display the news.
Features Share This option for social sharing of news items and some news stats are displayed under the main news.


V1.00: First Public Release.

Developer: Fangree_Craig
jQuery UI Accordion 1.7.2: http://docs.jquery.com/UI/Accordion

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Thats a nice panel ! Good work :)
Very nice.. Useful..
Thanks guys. :) I hope it is ok for you all. :G
Yeah,Craig it's actually something I will install here in a few on one of my other sites,Like it very much!! Thanks for the great addon
No problem gillette. :)
Hey, i've got problem. Infusion doesn't work on my site.
It's like this, and it doesn't want to curl up.
I'm using ITheme2
I wonder if it's sth with Jquery on my site or what?

Thanks for help.
There is a conflict with another script on your site causing this issue.
I've had a similar issue. I was able to resolve by being mindful with where my <script> tags are being placed for the javascript.
Can you give me some more clues Kaster? Being mindful isn't my strong point :D ..
Well how about giving some clues on what you've installed recently that may have caused this? A lot of trouble-shooting is going back and recalling what you did last, and then making a realization of weather or not that had something to do with the issue.

Have you installed anything that has to do with javascript lately? New panels etc?

EDIT: Going back, looks like you may have installed Craig's infusion afterwards. Do you know if you're using javascript for something else though?
I see on his site there is a jquery last seen users panel and kris user panel and ajax_chatbox_panel/js/yshout.js and superfish.js

one of them is not working with it.
OK i'll check. Thx for help both of you.

Merged on Jan 04 2013 at 14:00:59:
Well i switched off all of them, and it still doesn't work. Should i delate em?
Delete if you want yes.
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