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Batch deleting spam unactivated members?

Good day and hopefully this has not been addressed elsewhere.

We are currently being spammed by multiple registration with no identifiable email or IP pattern (registration is setup with admin approval) and up to 50 a day.

Is there any way to batch delete these?

Thanks so much



asimha wrote:

...being spammed by multiple registration with no identifiable email or IP pattern

Can you please elaborate ?

How can one log in without registration ? B)
I am having the same problem, although (to this point at least) I'm not getting 50 a day. I am running 7.01.06 if that has anything to do with anything.
Thanks for the feedback. I am running 7.01.03

The system is setup to require registration activation by the Admin


The spamming is fake users trying to register


My problem is having daily to delete these and at every delete the system goes back to the Members view and not the Unactivated view ...

Thank you!

PS. What I meant by "identifiable email or IP pattern" is that they all have different emails and different IP's thereby not allowing me to block them.
I must add my 2 cents worth here. I'm also running 7.01.06. I don't think it has anything to do with the version it's just that for over a month now this kind of spammer activity has definitely increased. Most of it is automated spam-scripts and I'll tell you why I think this. My system is also set to admin approval. One thing I've discovered; my registration includes the 'signature' bb code. Usually it's fairly easy to tell that it's spammers just from the email address and/or weird usernames. However the signature field almost invariably contains one of two entries. It's either:

Saginaw crossover OR
AEV High steer.

Activate your sig bb code and if you see this then it's definitely an automated spammer script. Just click edit to look at the data.

Last week I had over 300. I finally disabled the registration and added text in my welcome panel for people to email me directly with their registration request and credentials.
Thank you I will try that mod and report back!

Update: My account at http://www.phpfusionmods.co.uk is still not activated ...

Merged on Aug 31 2012 at 18:19:00:
Installed and hoping this will help! Thanks to everyone for their assistance.
The owner of the site is having computer issues which is why you have not been activated.
No problem at all! A member of this forum was kind enough to let me have the MOD. Thanks again !
Well that seems to have done the trick, no more spam since I installed this infusion - Thanks !
ive solved it, putting the whole domain with ssl. most spam bots die on https redirects.

But the question is: how to batch delete a bunch of already registered spambots?
Also I have the same problem I need to delete around 650 spam registers any ideas on how to bulk delete the whole lot once i get the security mod installed
wow huge list of bots.

How do you know - who is who - bot or not?
havn't had anyone come to me saying why havn't ya activated me
so all are bots or hacks

This will delete Unactivated Members.

Paste this in custom pages and press "Preview"....

$result = dbquery("DELETE FROM ".DB_USERS." WHERE user_status='2'");

Hi all....
I'm not sure what this thread is about to be honest.
The title say's that "Batch deleting spam unactivated members?".
Which to me that is batch delete all the spam in the forum from unactivated members. And that is a question i have also or maybe i am reading it wrong. I have banned members due to placing spam in the forum. These are no bots we are sure about that. But when members are banned, the span that they have placed keeps existing in the forum.
So is there an option to delete all posts from a certain user at once ??

if you want to delete posts, delete the user as well. it should auto clean up the forum.
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