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Upgrading problem !!!

Hello everyone

Here is the thing,

Currently I have a php fusion v7.01.06, can somebody tell me, which is missing to take off for future upgrades? I tried with v7.02, however, when I do the update, I only succeed ones to login on portal, and after that the password changes automatically. What is the problem ?

Please, help me

Thank you
I followed al these steps, but this is not the problem... the problem is that I can not log in on the portal, where is the problem :S
It seems that the upgrade didn't went ok.

Please tell us the versions step by step you went to upgrade.

Also, try to rollback to 7.01 and then upgrade to 7.02 with the upgrade 702 script...
I have php fusion v7.01.06, that I am trying to upgrade on php-fusion_v7.02.00.zip ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/php-f...%20Stable/ ). But it doesnt work. I have tryied 673473 times, but still I cant log in...

Merged on Aug 24 2012 at 22:38:58:
someone help ?
Do you have any idea, in which version does the problem actually comes ?

I mean that if you upgrade from 7.01.06 to 7.02, then are you able to Log in or not ?

Similarly, in the next upgrade, check if you are able to Login or not. Then just observe that which upgrade result to this problem of login, then it may help you a bit... :G
I have problems with upgrade 7.02.00. I only succeed to log in once, and after that, I am not able to log in anymore. Can I sent you PM with my ftp password and mysql database Ankur to do the upgrade for me, please, I have no idea what to do anymore...
Yes Please send me the details and I will have a look on it and will try to fix if possible...
Please, to all administration... URGENTLY, I need help with this.
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