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Project: SGI Fusion

Hi all,

and again a year passed and then there were probably changes: P

-Optimized Index
-User DB was adjusted (the inactive members or any web link in it had been deleted)
-Several fixes there will gradually emerge in far error
-87% are now first adapted the German and English locale for the design is written in a few days everything is still currently in the theme.php

What I would probably achieve this with my little project has been living since 2008?

-Support for Modified 3rd addons and Themes
-Support Partner sites Advertising
-References extension Show
-Partner pages information (if fail, etc.)

Here we then multiply by the view as a guest and as a member.

www.septron.de/images/pagescreens/sgifusion_smasher/000_SGIF_Smasher_gast.png www.septron.de/images/pagescreens/sgifusion_smasher/001_SGIF_Smasher_member.png

Here is the link to the project: SGI Fusion

For questions, the pros and cons again, everything is open;)

Excuse me, my English is very rusty :o

greeting Septron
Too much icons at the footer, and I dont like the font of "news-links",
but other - is great!
Never use Comic Sans in websites.
I strongly agree with PolarFox & JoiNNN
other then that looks good.
It's nice to see something different and more modern looking. It's fresh!

Good job Septron Keep up the good work. :G

Thanks for the opinions posted
the taste is so different from any

but when you have so many opinions you can already find maybe a medium base to put the flavor to almost any equal

you can not please everyone but the thought is really what counts

but the font I had a thought anyway but I must first look comes I write the Localen then the Font

greeting Septron
very good whether you can make the function available in news vote up vote down?
Thankur Taker made the thumbs up thumbs down script. Maybe it's in the Addons DB. ?

Edit Here dude man look...

http://ankurthakur.co.cc/forum/Thread-34-Thumb-Ratings.html :G
and here is the link of where it is: PollDaddy

we cleaned up with us again as optimized
Based on new technologies like "responsive design" and many more features.


We wanted to inform you about our new progress
because in the past it was imagination that we had too many icons

but it does look to yourselves, this is usually better than describe

SGI Fusion

greeting Septron

Featured my own little project has naturally evolved some years)

We come now to the old & new designs my little page:

Design 2010 which was connected 2011 :
Blue-X v2

Green-X v2

Purple-X v2

Red-X v2

Rusty-X v2

Design of October 2011 (was used as a transition Design) [/ b]:





[b]Design of 2011 which was provided 2012 Online
Screen 1-4 member Visibility:

Screen 2-4:

Screen 3-4:

Screen 4-4:

Screen of the account range:

Screen of Latest Downloads:

Screen of the Top 10 Downloads:

Screen of PHP-Fusion Core database (DB):

Design of the beginning of 2012 which went online in October 2012 :

Now it's a new year, new changes we are now with the time and are now also Responsive
What does this mean I say briefly:


In the Responsive Web design (in German also responsive web design) is the
technical implementation of an adaptive website layouts. Therefore, instead of is "responsive"
often from a "adaptive layout" spoken. The graphical structure of a "responsive" website
is based on the requirements of the particular device, with which the page is viewed. This concerns
in particular the arrangement and display of individual elements, such as navigation, page columns
and texts. The technical basis for this are the latest web standards like HTML5 and CSS3.

We are still some change but this is ever a small great progress.

Here we have a side screen:

SGI Fusion - Since 2008 has evolved and is now Responsive (it was not all adapted because the old tables describe in a Responsive feature is already a lot of work.

a screen of the work from April 2015:

Here we have times Stitch keep working that have been made in the last few days:

- New Responsive Template
- Verification system of D1
- Dashboard has been refined
- Profiles List has been rebuilt
- Members websites was rebuilt
- Verified members can now be seen from Member
- Slightly rewritten Forum Index
- Slightly rewritten View Forum
- Viewtread reworked
- Downloads revised
- Added Share this on each download IDs
- Beginner Help the main PHP-Fusion points added (on Copyright eighth)
- News has been revised
- Revised News Categories
- Template optimization (PC, Tablet & Smartphone adaptation)
- Teamspeak3 UID created profile field
- Teamspeak3 UID registry added to our Teamspeak3 (reason if you have visited our TS not wait her on a certain server group but she gets through the Register)
- Revised PHP-Fusion DB
- Forum_include edited purpose img Notes
- View Forum Fixed Status Error
- Members activity was added to the Dashboard
- Raitings_include slightly adjusted
- Comments_include slightly edited
- Changed Download ID Title
- About Us has been rewritten

greeting Septron
Very nice Septron :D :G
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