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BBCode Group Restrictions

This Addon requires major configuration so for that reason I will not add it to the addons because I feel members on there might break their site just from all of it.


The readme in the download goes through a lot.

This addon had modifications of:
Core File Modification:

Core File Overwrites:

You also have to edit any file that has display_bbcodes in it where you want the restrictions to work. You can learn more about this in the readme file.
Files with display_bbcode included (not in administration directory), and their replacement.


Line 300: echo "<td class='tbl1'>".display_bbcodes("99%", "message"wink."</td>\n";
Line 202: echo "<td class='tbl1'>".display_bbcodes("99%", "message"wink."</td>\n";
Line 171: echo "<td class='tbl1'>".display_bbcodes("99%", "message"wink."</td>\n";
Line 471: echo display_bbcodes("360px", "message"wink."</td>\n";
Line 217: echo display_bbcodes("360px", "comment_message"wink;
Line 31: echo display_bbcodes("300px", "user_sig", "inputform", "smiley|b|i|u||center|small|url|mail|img|color"wink;
Line 77: echo "<td class='tbl' align='center'>".display_bbcodes("150px;", "shout_message", "editform", "smiley|b|u|url|color"wink."</td>\n";
Line 165: echo "<div style='text-align:center'>".display_bbcodes("100%", "archive_shout_message", "archive_form", "smiley|b|i|u|url|color"wink."</div>\n";
\infusions\shoutbox_panel\shoutbox_panel.php (1 hits)
Line 158: echo display_bbcodes("150px;", "shout_message", "shout_form", "smiley|b|u|url|color"wink."\n";
Line 503: echo display_bbcodes("98%", "message"wink."</td>\n</tr>\n";
Line 132: echo display_bbcodes("100%", "news_snippet", "submit_form", "b|i|u|center|small|url|mail|img|color"wink;
Line 139: echo display_bbcodes("100%", "news_body", "submit_form", "b|i|u|center|small|url|mail|img|color"wink;
Line 202: echo display_bbcodes("100%", "article_snippet", "submit_form", "b|i|u|center|small|url|mail|img|color"wink;
Line 209: echo display_bbcodes("100%", "article_body", "submit_form", "b|i|u|center|small|url|mail|img|color"wink;
Line 434: echo display_bbcodes("100%", "download_description", "submit_form"wink."</td>\n";

Notice the new edit link:

A BBCode Settings panel shows up with this:

Notice on the BBCode list it does not show the button if you are not on the allowed list. You would have to type the bbcode in manually, and even then it doesn't work.

Here is a preview of an Admin, Mod, and Regular member posting it.
Sysop is not in the moderator usergroup
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