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Help me select components for a site


I have decided to go the PHP-Fusion way, where others have selected Drupal.

That is the National site of my political party.
That is the site of my Regional Party organisation.

That is my Local Party site, under construction.

If you reduce the URL you will see the original WordPress site that I have skipped.

Needless to say I would like to find these similar items to be implemented in the PHP-Fusion site I am building:
- The menu ( I tried Smokemans CSS deluxe thingie but it does werd things to the header)
- The overall layout

Now, I am perfectly willing to build the site differently than those linked, but I think some key elements should be recognizeable as common or similar to the other sites.

Please notice that I am not asking for help in building or coding the site, I am looking for input on how to achieve a specific "look". If you will this could be sort of turned in to a thread that deals with "how do I make PHP-Fusion look like this or that nice site I saw built in another CMS".

All input appreciated. ;)
Do you want to use Php-Fusion for that sites?
Hmm. HAYALET's News Panel (unless you want to use the Banner Rotator at the top to go across the panels), Event Calendar, Announcement Panel, Share This, Most Popular, Most Commented, FP Tabs Panel. These should get you started
No Hayalet, I want to use PHP-Fusion for my site, the others are Drupal.

Nice Vyper... keep em tips coming
@ Richard: I changed the theme setup on my site. Look at the panels I setup, and see if it helps give you ideas. http://gnatoday.com
Suckerfish is suckersweeet

yas it das! B)
Actually one large center panel, adding in all the other panels would give it the same effect as the other sites.
Will implement suggetsed changes during the day... anyone for a default theme to start with?
Themes (Not SpaM)


Yes, I thought you'd like that one. :)
Heres on you might like.


Merged on Nov 11 2012 at 02:48:08:
@Richard: Ok so I got bored and started playing around with a theme. Here is what turned out. Pretty close I would say.


You can see it live here: http://sourcerealmmapping.com

The ticker under the logo, and the rotating banner are coded into theme.php. To change the ticker, you have to edit theme.php. To change photos, you just have to add them into the banner rotator. The rotating banner is not a panel as you can see. The 3 images under the banner have links to their pages on the original sites. i didn't add links to the rotating one.

Like I said, I got bored, and just wanted to see how close I could get.

I was fun trying to do this, I had to refer to alot of posts on the site, to complete the task. Not all my questions have been answered, but the ones that have helped do this.
See, that is a learning process. That is why I make this thread, to get some tips and hints and to learn and in the process show others what can be done in PHP-Fusion, with relatively simple means.

I'll get on it again a tad later.
Just having an issue with the link color, like in the fp tabs panel, can't seem to find the proper area in styles to change them.

Merged on Nov 11 2012 at 03:38:35:
LOL. Go figure it would be the very first one in styles. a
I am really going to have to focus on some like suckerfish or find a template for this silver based top links. It is a pretty important part of the "looks" so do not dwell in other solutions...

Merged on Nov 11 2012 at 18:24:28:

Waay to much work with fonts and css... hmm
Gonna start workin with blogstar

  • userinfo panel? top location as Eriksson ?
  • change background colour - partly done
  • menu change to suckerfish
  • loose the search field on top - done
Where is blogstar? in the addons db? Going send me the link to it I'm to lazy to search it.

Never mind found it aye no bad choice.
Khalids menu on his Theme, like www.conram.com, would be excellent to get over as a suckerfish template... hmm.
So do you want suckerfish menu on blogstar theme? Then use itheme (khalids) menu as a template for the sub header menu for the suckerfish one ?
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