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[Panel]Trio forum threads panel

Trio forum threads panel can be used as an upper or lower center panel.
It uses locale files so it is easily converted to your language. Dutch.php and English.php are included.
It shows, Most read, Most active & Latest answered subjects, side by side.

On news.php and \forum\index.php it shows Most read, Most active & Latest answered subjects globally.
When viewforum.php is called only te Most read, Most active & Latest answered subjects from that particular category is showed.

Installation is simple. Upload the map infusions to your root website directory.
It will add a directory trioforum_threads_panel in your infusions directory.
Of course you can also copy the trioforum_threads_panel directory directly to the infusions directory.

Go to you admin panel -> system admin -> panels
Click on [New Panel], you can choose either Upper Center or Lower Center. I think Upper Center is the best choice.
Panel Name: Trio forum panel
Panel Filename: trioforum_threads_panel_panel
Panel Content: (Leave as is or remove the content. It does not matter)

Panel Restriction: (Leave empty)
Admin Password: (Enter your Admin Password)
Panel Access: Public (Is the default)
Check the checkbox before "Display panel on all pages"

Save the panel. Return to Panel Management. [Enable] the panel. Move to the desired position.

For example like this;
Welcome Message
Trio forum panel
Forum Threads List


Note! Although the panel works with most themes there are a few div based themes the panel is not showing correctly. Please help me fix this.
Wanabo attached the following file:
trioforum_threads_panel_1.zip [29.71kB / 844 Downloads]
Looks good :G
See instead of using the capmain why don't you just use the proper opentable closetable and this will resolve the problem. :)
It is a div based panel. Class capmain is the right thing to use. By using capmain it uses the theme colors. Therefore it is not an option the create it's own css.

@Vyper69, thanks for the thumbs up.
Pretty good idea (LIKE!), but what happened with center panel?

Maybe you should use inner tables or something?
Because it looks weird...
i want this panel inside the table which is clear table same like news panel. the title and content inside the table..can someone help me how to add the coding ?
nordayana attached the following file:
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