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Google Analytics


i'd like to add google analytics to my php-fusion website, but i dont know where to place the code.

Hope someone could tell me.

Thank you very much!
first - where do you want? Maybe in footer?
If so - use footer includes for this (includes/footer_includes.php) .

i go to that file, and put the google analytics code and then try to load the website and i get an error. I write the code here:

//Add your custom include files for the footer here
My code .......
In Panels I place it in a centre panel and display on all pages using add_to_footer function.

Admin >>> System >>> Panels >>> New Lower Centre Panel

Paste in your analytics's code like this...

add_to_footer("//your analytics's code here");

Remember to change all " in your analytics's code to ' but do not change them 2 at the beginning and end. Also remember to display on all pages.
It's faster for engine - remove all the content from footer_includes.php, afterward paste your code,

but... of course much easy to do like Craig said, with panel;

so, do as you like.
GA is best placed in the footer as PolarFox and Craig have remarked. I must say I like Craig's method though... very clean code.
No solutions for me above.. Doesn't work for me...


Martijn78 wrote:

No solutions for me above.. Doesn't work for me...

You were doing something wrong. I say "were" because I see you got it working here http://www.survivalteam.nl/news.php, if that's your website.
Whenever you solve a problem you asked help with come back and tell us you fixed it, and how if you think is necessary.
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