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Site Hacked.

Hi All,

I've been asked by some friends who run a gaming clan who have had there PHP Fusion hacked to help sort it out.

As I am new here I apologise if I have posted in the wrong area.

The problem they had was that when trying to enter the forum it cam up with a page stating it had been hacked and there name and an image.

I traced the amended file to be the index.php in the forums directory, it seemed that all the person had done is to change the code to some simple html to show of I guess.

Is there any way I can get a copy of that file from anywhere and replace it with the correct file or will I need to re-install PHP Fusion.

Will I need to backup the database via PHP MyAdmin and just recreate the whole thing again.

Also it seems that now the site will not load at all, the site is tel-clan.com for those who may want to check and advise.

Any help would be great fully appreciated.

Regards Sokar. ;)
You could try downloading PHP-Fusion from sourceforge, and then just replace the forums folder. See if that works. Or do you have a backup, that you can use to set it back.
Did try to get it from this site but the download area is not working, but now I know where to find will get it and try that. Cheers.:D
Nope that didn't work and site site just tries to connect but then times out. May need to talk to the hosting company to see if there servers are playing up. :@
Well I can see you website, and it loaded pretty quick.

Welcome To The Egyptian Legends Website.
I see your the site in question is working fine,Happy to see
that tel-clan.com
Thanks, for some reason last night it would not work at all but fine today must have been a server update.

I did copy the forum files from the new version and that sort of sorted it out, how do I go about getting the old posts and forum stuff to be viewable again.

I have just looked into the admin of the forum and noticed it states the following.

"Table 'wijnands_.fusion_fb_forums' doesn't exist"

I guess that in the sql database the required field has been removed do I just re-create a field within the database.

Also in the admin area for the forum there are a list of posts which do not show up.

On the actual forum page a lot of the page layout is missing as well.

Cheers in advance. Sokar.
Not much help to get here, right? Soon 1 month since your last post.

Well, the last errormessage means that the table for your forum is missing. This can be because of a damaged database. This can in some cases be corrected from your hosts adminpanel (repair database).

It can also be that the hacker have deleted the forum table and also other tables (that we dont know of now). When this table is missing all your forumposts are gone too. Best thing is ofcourse if you or your host have a backup of the database.
Can't be that important to him if it's nearly one month later and it appears he don't care much or he would of bumped it. Oh well.
Hey Guys,

I have been looking into this issue for the TEL clan.

I have tried to replace the forums table within the database with a fresh install of the database on a virtual server and the problem still exists. Any help regarding the issue would be greatly appreciated. the following error messages are displayed on the site within the admin panel:-

Above the add forum category:-

Table '*.fusion_fb_settings' doesn't existTable '*.fusion_fb_settings' doesn't exist

Under the add forum category : -

Table '*.fusion_fb_forums' doesn't exist

Under the current forums section:-

Table '*.fusion_fb_forums' doesn't exist

I cant seem to find these tables at all within the next install of the forums table.

If I change the order in which the forum is displayed it only show the first forum within the list. I was thinking of creating a new install etc but then all the information/ users etc will be lost and its a long slog to get it back to its current state.

Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Jamie
You should had opened a new thread. You problem seems to be caused by Fusion Board infusion which is not infused properly.
Fusion Board is not supported anymore and from what I remember is not compatible with latest versions of PHP-Fusion, get rid of it!
Thanks JoiNNN,

I apologise I thought as it was a continuation of the issue it would be best placed here.

So if the old forums are scrapped is it still possible to keep all the old posts, users etc using the old fusion board database tables or would it involve a complete restart on the forums.

Thanks once again for your reply,

You can save pretty much everything, but depending on your forum size can be painstaking.
However, I'm not familiar with FB, maybe anyone else is willing to help...

Please open a new thread if you want help with that!
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