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BlackBox Lite UF - antibot userfield

What is it?
It's a user-field for v7.02.xx, without DB queries, for spam-protection of your site.
Userfield uses several checkboxes which can be in two states: must be checked and must NOT be checked, by human.
You able to add unlimited checkboxes, with any names and with any labels.
Simply, fast and clean.
Good for newbies, bad for mass-spam-bots.

Check: login == password? (optional)
Check: name is numeric? (optional)
Unlimited two states checkboxes:
[_] I'm not a bot (user MUST check it - first mode)
[X] Yes, I'm bot (user must UNCHECK it - rare, second mode)
locales included

Example picture (as U-F on duty)

Sample checkbox included (FREE! lol).

Download & how-to - settings, installation,configuration (NO registration needed!) :
[Link to the file]
The main EN support topic - if DL-link broken also
PolarFox attached the following file:
inf_blackboxlite.zip [4.17kB / 6 Downloads]
good job!:G
Good job Polarfox this will help maybe. ;)

Any modified core files required or is it a user field?
No modifications AT ALL! Just a simply user-field :)
Very nice..Helpful.


PolarFox wrote:

No modifications AT ALL! Just a simply user-field :)

Ah nice ok thanks. ;)
I am trying this on a few sites now, two bots got thru on Venue lastnight but it´s pretty heavily targeted aswell.
It seems to reduce bots eithercase, great work and thank you !
Don't mean to revive this thread, but your directions are hard to understand. After about 30 minutes back and forth trying to figure out what is going wrong with this. I have come to the understanding that you cannot add this after users have registered. You cannot edit this field in the admin panel, and you cannot edit this field in your own Edit Profile section. So unless you add this to a new installation, this addon is useless.
This is "hardcoded" userfield, you can only switch it on or off, etc.

For editing - you must open this userfield and modify it by your hands.

What is your problem anyway - you can't install it or edit?

PS wrong link the EN goes here http://unlogic.info/forum/viewthread....ead_id=272 this is the help
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