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Reset Administrator password

But this idiot has forgotten his Administrator password.

Please take pity on me and tell me how I can recover it.

Humblest regards
search for adminsitrator and reset
I have seen the reset option but was hoping that I could recover it. As I obviously can't I searched as you suggested and found someone who said it can't be done and was talking about a reset infusion????

There is a password reset page.

I select myself by name or Super Admin

I enter a reason

.....but it won't reset because it wants the Admin password????

I'm totally confused.
You can search for the infusion or enter phpmyadmin or similar and clear the admin_password values of your user_id in database table users.

You can also make a new file with a random filename.php
insert this and run it from your browser, Fusion will ask you to set a new admin password. Double check so you reset the correct user_id.

Remember to delete the file when you are done.

require_once "maincore.php";
dbquery("UPDATE ".DB_USERS." SET user_admin_password='' WHERE user_id='1'");

Thank you.
Hello everyone. I've followed the instructions in this thread, and others, closely. I have attempted both the PHP way to reset the admin password (the little utility script), as well as updating my database directly.

I have managed to clear the admin password and when I return to my profile I am given the option to enter a new one. I do this (being very careful to enter it without errors), and upon submitting it am immediately returned to the profile with the header stating that I need to enter my admin password! However, at this point it seems to have taken since three input boxes appear (Current Admin password, new admin password, re-enter new admin password).

Initially I just ignored this and went to try it out (add a new panel), but every time I do I'm told it's the wrong admin password! (In case you're wondering, yes, I do know there are two different password, and yes, I'm entering them correctly).

As a test, I cleared the password again, re-entered it in the profile, and then immediately after submitting it (with the same "Admin password not set!" error at the top), attempted to update it again in the profile. Even then the brand spanking new password is not being accepted, and I'm 100% certain I'm entering everything correctly (both my login and admin).


I also attempted to copy my login password into the admin password field in the db (I understand it's not recommended -- I'm just getting desperate), and that one is also not being accepted.

Additionally, I've also tried an Infusion (sorry, can't remember the link now), that claims to reset the admin password but it seems to do absolutely nothing.

I'm completely at my wit's end here. Any advice? Any other info I can provide?

P.S. I just checked my PHP error log and it's empty. No errors being reported.
What's your PHPF version?

Make sure you only complete these 2 fields.

If you still can't get it right provide a test account via PM!
JoiNNN attached the following file:
pwd.png [14.85kB / 132 Downloads]
v7.02.06 -- I'll try changing the PW one more time and update you if it's still not working.

Simple, working... PERFECT!!!

Thank you.

Hello Everyone,

None of the above works for me. I tried everything, does anyone have other advices they can give.?
JoiNNN, I have send you a private message with access to view this for your self and see if you can have a go for us as I am a little stuck on this one.

Many thanks in advance
Michael G./ Server admin PFPWebHosting
Domi's method should work, as I've tested this on a sub-domain site.

With the code he posted, create a new file. (ie: reset.php) and place on the root of your server.
Access the page, by directing your browser to it (ie: sub.domain.com/reset.php)

When the code is parsed, the browser page will remain as white (blank). This is because we're simply deleting any pre-existing password within the database.

Now that the password has been nullified, the next time you logon to your site, you will see a notice advising you to set your administrator password.


Warning: admin password not set, click Edit Profile to set it.

  • To set it successfully, provide your user password in the first textbox, labeled as "Login password".
  • Confirm your password by re-typing it in the third textbox, labeled as "Confirm password".
  • Provide a administrator password by typing it in the fourth textbox, labeled as "Admin password".
  • Finally confirm, by re-typing it in the fith textbox, labeled as "Confirm admin password".
  • You should then receive the message "Profile was sucessfully updated."

Finally, and most importantly, remove the file that you created (ie: reset.php)
Hello KasteR,

I have passed everything down to our developers and everything works! Thanks again for your help and yeah Domi's method does work. I guess I'm getting a little rusty as I handle mainly the server's function and ability to perform.

Cool software PHPFusion!

Best Regards,
Mike G / PFPWebHosting Server Admin
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