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PM to Admin when new user

So it is me again, needing help :-P

We use user gold on our website. And are giving points to all new members. This function is built it the infusion, it it is not working, so we have to do it manually.
For that I have to check the website all the time to see if any new member have registered.

I searched the World Wide Web for, PM to admin upon new member registrations, and didn't find an infusion that have this apibility.

I'm thinking of 3 sollutions;
1- Make the gold upon registration in user gold 3 work.
2- Some sort of function that sends me a PM when new user have registered. I have email notification, so I will receive a email directly to my mobile phone about the PM.
3- There is a PM to new user infusion. Maybe it is possible to change some of the codes inside the infusion, so it sends a PM to admit containing the new user User Name?

What is easiest do you think?.. And can I get help for that?

The easiest way is to make the gold function to work again. If its a not functioning infusion then the dev who publish it will most likely repair it.
I talked to him, and he said, that he had ben out of phpfusion for a long time, and that the coding had ben changed alot since he worked with phpfusion.. but he tried to make it work, but couldnt.
So, maybe some one from here can help to make it work?
Yes you talked to me. We also had an agreement that you should pay me $100 on May 1st, but now you don't even reply to my emails. I did more than i had to. You two have taken quite some of my time for nothing it seem.

So imo you two are not Worth helping. Its the type of people like you two who make people help less.

Keep your agreement with me.

I didn't have to do it this way but as you do not reply to my emails anymore or pay me what you Owe, this might get your attention.

Maybe i should take down my php-fusion site, so everyone else who actually wanted my thing can thank you two.
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