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Birthday panel


This one http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/addondb/view.php?addon_id=435
doesnt seem to work.

It shows up fine in the infusion list, but I cannot infuse it. Nothing happens.

What might be wrong?

Error log shows an error in line 96 @ public_html/administration/infusions.php

this is line 96:
           $inf_admin_image = ($inf_adminpanel[$i]['image'] ? $inf_adminpanel[$i]['image'] : "infusion_panel.gif");

me too have the same problem. Nothing happen when infuse.
Anyone can solve this problem?
Wow, such an old post. However nonetheless I have the solution!

From what I can tell, the infusion.php file does not specify a primary key to be used in the database. If you add a primary key to the table, then your table will then be created.

Replace infusion.php:
| PHP-Fusion Content Management System
| Copyright (C) 2002 - 2008 Nick Jones
| http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/
| Filename: infusion.php
| Author: Jankokuk
| E-Mail: admin@rezygame.eu
| Web: http://rezygame.eu
| This program is released as free software under the
| Affero GPL license. You can redistribute it and/or
| modify it under the terms of this license which you
| can read by viewing the included agpl.txt or online
| at www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl.html. Removal of this
| copyright header is strictly prohibited without
| written permission from the original author(s).
include INFUSIONS."birthday_panel/infusion_db.php";
if (!defined("IN_FUSION")) { die("Access Denied"); }

if (file_exists(INFUSIONS."birthday_panel/locale/".$settings['locale'].".php")) {
   include INFUSIONS."birthday_panel/locale/".$settings['locale'].".php";
} else {
   include INFUSIONS."birthday_panel/locale/English.php";

$inf_title = $locale['nazov'];
$inf_description = $locale['info'];
$inf_version = "2.0";
// $inf_developer = "Jankokuk";
$inf_email = "admin@rezygame.eu";
$inf_weburl = "http://rezygame.eu";
$inf_folder = "birthday_panel";

$inf_newtable[1] = DB_BIRTHDAYSET." (
   pocet INT NOT NULL ,
   meniny INT NOT NULL,
   PRIMARY KEY (bday_id)

$inf_insertdbrow[1] = DB_BIRTHDAYSET." (bday_id, pocet, meniny) VALUES('', '2', '0')";

$inf_droptable[1] = DB_BIRTHDAYSET;

$inf_adminpanel[1] = array(
   "title" => $locale['nazov'],
   "panel" => "birthday_admin.php",
   "rights" => "s"

When I Enabled this panel on version 7.02.07, it totally messed my site up and all center and right content is missing. I took a screenshot so you can see. Not sure what the problem is, but I hope someone can help, would really like to use this panel.

I've never seen this panel and don't know what it looks like. But I have an alternative for you to try. My Bday Panel v2.03
First a screenshot and then the zip.
Grimloch attached the following file:
bday_panelv203.zip [53.21kB / 164 Downloads]
bdaypanel.png [7.82kB / 92 Downloads]
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