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After upgrade to 7.2.7 problems themeswitcher and left navigation disappeared

After upgrading a site the theme switcher doesn't work anymore?
I see these errors:

mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource Regel: 251 19 juni 2013 19:59:44

mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource Regel: 256

What to do?

Also my left navigation menu is disappeared.

(after taking maincore from 7.2.5 theme is okay again, but navigation panel is gone)

Thank you for your assistance
OK Thanks for your help!
There are more changes made to maincore.php in .07, modify at your own risk.
Try to re-download the full .07 pack and replace all files
OK, I got back my navigation panel. I had to use css_navigation_panel, I still was using navigation_panel.

I think something goes wrong in setting the theme.

I now took the maincore from 7.2.5 and added this from 727:
[syntaxhighlighter brush=html,first-line=1,highlight=0,collapse=false,html-script=false]// Checking file types of the uploaded file with known mime types list to prevent uploading unwanted files
if(isset($_FILES) && count($_FILES)) {
require_once BASEDIR.'includes/mimetypes_include.php';
$mime_types = mimeTypes();
foreach($_FILES as $each) {
if(isset($each['name']) && strlen($each['tmp_name'])) {
$file_info = pathinfo($each['name']);
$extension = $file_info['extension'];
if(array_key_exists($extension, $mime_types)) {
if($mime_types[$extension]!=$each['type']) {
die('Prevented an unwanted file upload attempt!'wink;
} /*else { //Let's disable this for now
//almost impossible with provided array, but we throw an error anyways
die('Unknown file type'wink;



and this:
[syntaxhighlighter brush=html,first-line=1,highlight=0,collapse=false,html-script=false]// Scan image files for malicious code
function verify_image($file) {
$txt = file_get_contents($file);
$image_safe = true;
if (preg_match('#<?php#i', $txt)) { $image_safe = false; } //edit
elseif (preg_match('#&(quot|lt|gt|nbsp|<?php);#i', $txt)) { $image_safe = false; }

But something is changed in setting the correct theme. For that I left the 725 code as is and then it works for me now.....
We didn't touch those functions in .07, can you provide more details from error log? If not send a PM with login details to your site for further investigation. I won't be around so much to check so if any other admin wants to check this please post.
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