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Links to "web" in profile

I received a PM from Tyler, claiming that the "WEB" button link in forum profiles may have issues.
True enough, when looking at my own weblink it shows the wrong link (http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/forum/www.php-fusion.se) and generates an error, als Hiens link has a similar issue.

Some other web links do not throw this error, like JoiNNN's or Ralph68's.

The common factor seems to be that Hien and I have written "www.ours-sites.com" in our profile fields, while JoiNNN and Ralph have written "http://www.ours-sites.com" or just http://ours-sites.com

So my guess is that writing www only, does not translate properly by the link function. If you understand.
If there is no http:// or https:// in the link http:// will be appended.
So if I enter www.ours-sites.com the link will automatically be converted http://www.ours-sites.com
Since you had the addresses already saved as www.ours-sites.com that's the reason it shows that way, all you have to do is to click edit profile and Update profile.
So the url handling has been changed...right?
I don't understand why we are still messing with http:// - https:// and www.

I can take any browser and type in mysite.com and it shows up. you don't have to type all that extra crap.

Why can't we modify fusion do do the same thing.
Because without specifying http or https it won't link properly to external links.... It will just append the link to the end of the current pages directory. It has nothing to do with the browser.
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