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Registration - verify email


I have a problem with php-fusion 7.02.05 (besides that it is still that version).
A user tries to register and accidentally entered a wrong email-address.
So now he never gets the registration email and i can't activate him because i don't see him in admin-panel(unactivated-users).
He however is in the new_users-table. Is it somehow possible to change the mail-address and resend the registration-email?

It also would be nice to view this new_users-table somewhere in the admin-panel.
Is there an infusion that could do all this?

it would also be great for the future to check the email, by double-enter it
I suggest you delete the account (perhaps from database) and have him make a new registration, or perhaps make a registration for him.

The new_users_tables functionality is unknown to me, I thought that was controlled via a status definition/flag in the users table. In any case, any non activated accounts should normally turn up in the "Unactivated" view of the User Administration.
As i understand, in the "Unactivated" view, there are only users who's registration and activation is complete, but never logged in.
Before that, the users are in the new_users-table and don't appear anywhere.


I deleted the user now, but i think something like that is most likely to happen again in the future.

It would be nice to have a solution, other than to delete the entry in the database.
Well, the user never got the account confirmation e-mail so he was never able to confirm the account was "legit" and thus it stayed in the new_users_table. That table gets truncated (content deleted) automatically after a period of time, unsure of how long.

Edit, seems to be 24 hours.

He could probably have attempted a new registration and it would have been successful.

A check for e-mail, just as for password, might be a good idea. Feel free to submit a Roadmap for that.
Does anybody know if there is an infusion for resending the activation mail to the new user?
This infusion has the ability to resend activation mails. Unactivated Users by Triton Revelle
When I see some typo in an email domain name I edit the database directly and resend the activation mail. It would be nice to edit through the admin panel of the infusion.
It has some code mods by me to make it work with latest v7 version.
See attachment including Dutch and English locale.

I consider it a must have in v9 as well. Let's hope it will work.
Wanabo attached the following file:
unactivated_users.zip [7.31kB / 111 Downloads]
Thanks Wanabo, working like a charm.
I'll give it a shot and let you know Wanabo...


I'll give it a shot and let you know Wanabo...
- by daimonbok1

Testing in v9 or editing from the infusion admin page? Either one would be great but both would be the best.;)
It's been uploaded into the infusions directory and it's not even being read by v9....any ideas???? Disregard - ROOKIE MISTAKE!!!!

Also, we are running PHP7 if that helps...
douwe, I was only doing testing in v9.
Yes I know but before you can test the infusion under V9 you should first upgrade it. Otherwise it will not work as you already discovered.
douwe, The way I read the message, was that it was ready for testing in 9...not that it needed to be updated....when I have time, I'll take on that task
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