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Paypal Donation Manager (Treasury)

www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/marketplace/uploads/image/t_1369.pngThis is a mod for managing PayPal donations and syncing donations with PayPal.com using IPN (Instant Payment Notification) features. It has the following features:

- Supports transactions from PayPal to fusion to add transactions and show current donation totals.
- Thank you and cancel return links from PayPal.com
- Separate Monthly Goals
- Custom PayPal Donation Button Support
- Multi-Business Support - Businesses Separated by PayPal email address within database.
- Supports membership fee's. Tracks fees based on yearly total and shows who is overdue and who is not.
- Tracks donations based on web login OR anonymous transaction. (UserID from website is sent to PayPal and sent back for tracking purpose via membership fees admin.)
- Online panel to show total donations received and total left over for the month.

- Fix bug with core 7.02.XX in ipnppd.php for response from paypal.

-- View this Addon --
The addon does not function properly. It correctly receives the VALID response from paypal, but does not post to the panel.
cannot get through part 3!!!!??
I've just downloaded this for my website. Its displaying ok but still I cannot see any options to change from usd ($) to gbp (£)?

Can someone please help me with this?

This is very nice. It functions as it should. Here are a few suggestions that you may want to consider for the next release:

  • Set up a page for subscription levels so an amount for each subscription level can be entered. When a user donates an amount for that subscription level, automatically assign them to a corresponding user group.
  • Allow HTML in the Donations page header text under Donation Options. Without line breaks everything looks a little cluttered.
Unfortunately I do not see either the payer or the payment...
The donations are not logged in the database
Patching to version 3 at this point. I will update within the next week for all who need locale support and a working copy. :D
Woody attached the following file:
capture_6.png [8.54kB / 26 Downloads]
Take a look in the systems error log for any notices generated, we have litterly 0 to go on here.
ok well i didn't see any errors in error log at this time but a donation was made and they chose to show there donation and nothing is showing for that donation. Maybe due to the author hasn't picked it up to goto version 3 as he indicated maybe another coder could revise this one would be fantastic.
[b]It appears that Paypal Donation Manager (Treasury) is NOT working with PHP-Fusion 9. Is it going to be updated soon to work with Fusion 9? It will not even Infuse and I need this Infusion badly.[/b]
I'll update it for you. Wait for the release smile
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