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Upgrading problem from 7.0 to 7.1

I need your help please i upgraded my site from 7.0 to 7.1 but I have this broblem (((user_field_cats' does existTable))) how can I fix it
How did you upgraded your site, can you explain?
1-uploaded upgrade.php file
2-uploaded lockal language files
3-upgraded home page in administration
4-uploaded all the new files to old files

Merged on Sep 23 2013 at 11:40:35:
I have another problem too. I bought a new web host, I started the website. few text does not correct for exampel all post in the forum and all the text that I have written myself
lockal language is kurdish
But what with your versions?

What was your original version 7.00.??
and others (updates) ?


Try to:
Restore your previous version and update step-by-step:
from 7.00.00 to 7.00.01
from 7.00.01 to 7.00.02
from 7.00.07 to 7.1.0
how did you upgrade? in detail.
uploaded upgrade.php file to administration then removed the old local files and upload new lockal files, then pushed upgrage in the admin panel and upload all new files to the web root directory


uploaded upgrade.php

From "upgrade v7" folder?

Any errors while updating?
It just says this line

Duplicate column name 'user_actiontime'Database upgrade complete

Merged on Sep 25 2013 at 21:43:37:
I fixed it thanks to you, but now I have another problem
I had the website on surftown.com and has floated the website to another web host, have problem with the site font does not display properly, not all text that is just from users such comment, forum post, and all texts that I changed. for safety's sake installed again on both webhost on the surf town works great but not at other webhost, I need your help thanks again
Can you explain more about repairing?

Any examples about your another problem? (eg page-url, or maybe a screenshot)
disabled the User Fields in phpmyadmin then upgraded

and the other problem is that the text does not display correctly
which looks at the pictures on the surf town web host is ok but not on arvixe.com web host

on surftown




on arvixe



Ok, did you have any unicode modification?
I do not know what you mean,
but in local language appears like this

// Locale Settings
setlocale(LC_TIME, "ku","ckb"); // Linux Server (Windows may differ)
$locale['charset'] = "utf-8";
$locale['xml_lang'] = "ku";
$locale['tinymce'] = "ku";
$locale['phpmailer'] = "ku";
Is it official NSS locale?
Yes ........ But I have no problem with all text, it's just admin panel and users post, users comment and some panels and everything that I wrote myself
Same with new posts/comments?
Can you give me the link with sample?
Do you have backup file of your previous version - I need maincore.php from it.

Also you can check function db_connect by yourself.
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