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The RGB Theme - the mixed-panels project

Just wanted to show you, what I've been up to lately. First some screenshots,
then, some info about my little mix-the-panels-any-way-you-like theme project.

RGB screenshots:

Default look:

Mixed panels look 1:

Mixed panels look 2:

Forum look:

Create any 3-color-combination you want, with the RGB theme:
After adding two extra opentable/closetable function's to the theme.php (called: opentable2 and closetable2, and opentable3 and closetable3) - and doing a fair amount of coding, designing and adjusting, I might add - I've managed to make a theme that can mix the colors of all three panels.
The left and right side panels each has their own default colors, and so has the news and articles, respectively blue and red, in both cases (and the default center panels are green). So, by creating center panels on the sides, and by using the default panel colors of the news and articles in the center and sides (via: Admin Panel -> System Admin -> Panels), you can create any 3-color-combination you want.
Because the side and the center panels are flexible horizontally, they'll adjust to wherever they are placed.

Co-existing themes problem:
2 extra center panel functions courses problems, when you have created a new special center panel (via the admin.), and then try to switch to another theme: It will crash for sure! The break-down happens because, this theme doesn't have those extra build-in functions, that the CMS system is trying to produce (because you've told it to, in the administration) - the standard news and articles functions from the RGB theme. To avoid the problem, the special RGB panels must off course be disabled before, before, switching to another theme.
To make other themes work beside this one (being able to switch to another theme, than RGB, and back, without problems) each theme must be adjusted slightly:
2 extra 'copies' of the center panels needed (required):
- You must make 2 exact copies of each theme's function opentable and function closetable, and rename these copies: 'function opentable2' and 'function closetable2' (blue default news panels), and 'function opentable3' and 'function closetable3' (red default articles panels), and then the alternative theme will work just fine with those special panels, that you've otherwise made specifically, to the RGB theme.
Horizontal flexibility (required):
- The co-existing theme's center panels also have to be flexible horizontally, to make them 'adjust to wherever they are placed', as mentioned above, about the RGB theme's panels.
Practical adjustment (optional):
- It would also be a good idea to make the center panels collapsible, if you want that function to match the RGB theme's flexible center panels.

All the other themes on the CHC Themes site (com.har1y.com) now also has 2 extra opentable/closetable function's, with collapsible, and horizontally flexible, center panels (and that includes: the default center panels), making them able to 'co-exist harmonically' side by side with the RGB theme!

RGB also functions as a normal theme:
if you don't use the special panel settings, you don't have to change anything - as long as you don't create any of the special new panels (not using the 2 extra opentable functions), the theme will work just as a 'normal' theme do, and will not affect any of the other themes on your site.

Okay - so far, so good.. B)

Right now, I'm testing the theme on a daily basis, to detect any possible errors or bugs. Soon, I will send out a test-release, so you can try out the theme for yourself - soon is: when I think it's ready for it. ;)

BTW: I forgot to mention that, this is a div-based theme.

Added a drop-down menu to the theme.
I've keept the standard Site Links menu along side the drop-down menu, so the theme now has 2 menu's - but it can easily be adjusted to have only one of them or, none of them, if that's what you want.

Added a "Icon UserBar" to the top right, above the header (and balancing the drop-down menu on the left), showing the same options as the user_info_panel offers (incl. Admin, if rights given + number of PM's you've got, if any - e. g. [1]) - when logged in.
Guests see the icons for: Login, Lost password and Register (if disabled in admin. settings, the Register icon/link won't show either). The tooltips, explaining the icons/images function, is coded with the standard core locales, so they will display in your site's own language.

So far, so much better... B)
Looks promising,and different.


Gillette wrote:

Looks promising, and different.

I hope so - that's what I'm going for, the different part, I mean! B)
As you can see in my description, with this one theme, you actually get several themes in one package, or one theme, that can easily be changed to appear in many different ways. And maybe someone can use this as a base for their own flexible theme design - I've had that in mind while setting up the theme codes. ;)
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